Tuesday 17 February 2015

Dragon's Animal Predictions for 2015-Year of the Yin Wood Goat/Sheep (Yi Wei)

Dragon's Animal Predictions for 2015-Year of the Yin Wood Goat/Sheep (Yi Wei)

The first day of the 2015 Chinese New Year is on February 19, 2015. Here are the 12 Animal predictions for the Year of the Goat/Sheep… Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

2015 Predictions for the Rat

The Goat/Sheep year, which begins on the 19th Feb, will be a positive one for the Rat native; in fact, it could hold boundless opportunities and experiences for the Rat.

The best approach will be to make peace with past bad experiences and adopt a positive outlook in order to accomplish great things and go far in the coming year. It’s permissible to remember those past pesky, negative experiences, so long as it does affect or hinder any future action. Keep in mind also that there is a viable solution to every problem, so best to resolve these issues earlier on in the year order not to be troubled later on.

For the Rat native 2014 might have been trying year for relationships. Rats will be pleased to learn however that this year it will go a whole lot better. In fact, the Rats love life is looking to be one of the best aspects of the Rats life during the year of the Goat. They should therefore dedicate sometime this year to offer or seek advice in order to strengthen an existing liaison.

Any Rat that had lost touch with someone they cared about in their life, this is as good a time as any to reach out, make contact and try to resolve those pesky issues.

Concerning single Rats, they must remember that some part of the Rat’s new love will be dependent on fate although the Rat can do a lot to attract a new partner by remaining active at social circles.

Home life for the Rat, I’m happy to report, is very good. They will have a lot of opportunities to spend time with family and loved ones this year, enjoying many memorable moments with them. Day to day life is looking rather good also for the Rat this year and though there will be little problems in the house, the Rat should be able to resolve these quickly.

Meanwhile there will be plenty of good things and opportunities in the employment sector for the Rat native in 2015. Whether Rat stays put in current position or start a new job, they will receive benefit from the all the year of the Goat offers.

In view of this, the Rat should seize every opportunity that comes their way, however miniscule, as the sometimes seemingly innocuous task could lead them up the ladder of success. If Rats’ position at work involves using their skills creatively, like an artist or architect for example, this can be a very rewarding year for them. Strive to be noticed in workplace and offer new ideas when possible, as the Goat year, as mentioned earlier, will be of great assistance.

This is a fantastic year for the Rat to develop new skills both at work and also at home. The Rat can really tackle new challenges, activities and tasks head on this year and get some very rewarding results from doing so. Proviso Rat spends the year taking pride in their work and doing their utmost, they could see the hard work paying off towards the closing months of the Goat year. Regardless, with Rats’ desire to succeed in life they are poised to impress others (such as new employer) and build on their strengths therefore, attaining quick promotion and advances in their career.

It is safe to say that there is also a positive outlook concerning Rat`s finances in 2015. The Rat is able to enjoy their money throughout the year and can benefit from using the money on certain experiences. Some Rats may even find new ways to accrue additional income by utilising their skill set to make money in their spare time at home. Rat needs to exercise caution however, and also be mindful of investments and expenditures, especially when purchasing big items, as they could see in certain months during 2015, money dissipating just as quickly.

This year Rat should keep close eye on their health and welfare, for there is a risk of neglecting their health and diet due to other commitments. Make sure to keep active with exercise and maybe even combine this with shared indoor/outdoor activities with family and friends.

Overall, this is looking to be a fantastic year for the Rat and one where they can build fantastic relationships with others at all levels and experience many cherished, memorable moments.

The Rat is in affinity with the Ox. For their protection, they may have a key chain pendant of an Ox with them at all times throughout the year in 2014.

Have a fantastic year of the Goat. 

2015 Predictions for the Ox

The Year of the Yin Wood Goat starts on the 19th February 2015. Ox is in conflict with Goat this year therefore it could be considered a mixed year for those born in the year of the Ox.

The Ox native should take extra care in whatever they do, avoid unnecessary risks and in general remain vigilant of the potential difficulties that may surface all during 2015. The only exception being those Oxen that are born in 1925 or 1985, which makes them a wood Ox, for them the year will not be bad at all.

The year of the Goat brings forth a time of change and change comes about rather swiftly, which may distress some Oxen as, in general, they tend to enjoy a slightly slower pace in life. Nevertheless, the Ox can benefit from the many important changes and enjoyable moments that are in the forecast this year.

The Ox will need to be mindful of their finances and expenditures this year as there is a risk of overspending and money going out fast. When dealing with big purchases, the Ox should exercise caution and be sure to always seek help from a professional in order to better their chances at the outcome. Overall, the year of the Goat is probably not the best time to splurge and buy a Lamborghini, better to stick to making a reasonable purchase instead.

Home and family life will be very positive for the Ox this year as they will be able to offer help and advice to those that are close to them and boost both respect and affection. This year the Ox can partake in lots of enjoyable activities in the form of hobbies, entertainment, decorating and home improvement. The Oxen’s social life can naturally be a rewarding one in 2015. The Ox, with their resourcefulness and practicality, their brilliant and creative ideas will help bring an extended social element to their life. The Ox should surround themselves by friends and loved ones throughout the year as the Ox has a slight risk of feeling lonely during 2015. When problems manifest during the year, but quickly get resolved due to help and support of many friends, the Ox should remember to express the appropriate gratitude and thanks.

Career prospects for the Ox are expected to be very demanding this year as there will be lot of changes taking place. For the Oxen that are well established in a company, this amount of transformation or modifications could prove rather frustrating. However, if they are able embrace change and adapt quickly in order to stay ahead, they can achieve progress through the year. I repeat, the best way to do well this year and not fall behind is to embrace change and comply with the requirements demanded by the workplace.

For the Ox that is looking to change careers or seek employment, they may find the year of the Goat hindering their efforts. The Ox is poised to encounter difficulties in securing a new position or fresh opportunities as they are rather limited this year. It’s not hopeless however, for the Oxen could secure a good position by seeking a job in an entirely new field that they had not previously considered. Determination is the key. By acting fast on any manifest opportunities success is assured.

The Ox will need to pay attention to their health and lifestyle during 2015 and take plenty of time out for exercise; especially those who have let their health and diet go to pieces during 2014 due to other commitments. The Ox can achieve a lot this year and periodically they should pause to tally up their accomplishments and reflect on all the good things.

Romance is considered average for the Ox in 2015 and some Oxen may even find that it takes a bit more time to achieve new and positive relationship. Single Oxen can do well to attract a new partner this year so long as Ox realizes that progress may be painstakingly slow. Remember, if the attraction is strong, it must be pursued with dogged determination in order to succeed.

Overall, the year of the Goat will be a mixed year for the Ox with both highs and lows; however do not think that the bad will outweigh the good as even the worst situations can be turned into the best ones. The Ox should embrace change this year and learn to adapt early in the year to make the most out of 2015.

Oxen are in affinity with the Rat. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Rat with them at all times throughout the year.

Have a fantastic year of the Goat. 

2015 Predictions for the Tiger

On 19th of February 2015 the Tiger will start the year of the Goat/Sheep on a very positive note with plenty of good ideas and prospects for the year ahead and overall.

Even though the year of the Goat can be inconsistent, 2015 can still be considered a good year for the Tiger. The Tiger may soon find out that lot more effort is needed to achieve the desired results. Nevertheless changes will transpire early on in the year and for the alert Tiger this offers an excellent opportunity for advancement in their career. They will derive great satisfaction in incorporating fresh ideas or plans and solutions to the problems arising from new practices introduced to the workplace.

Regular communication is also an imperative this year and the tiger needs to be mindful of upsetting or annoying their colleagues, as Tigers tend to take on far too much work on their own. This will not only deplete Tiger’s strength but also may cause undue resentment from co-workers.

The year of the Goat can also hold plenty of opportunities for the Tiger native who is considering a change of career or seeking new employment. They should be able to secure a new job in no time at all by using their skills to their advantage in any interview.

The Tiger can sometimes lose interest in new ventures shortly after the initial start; therefore, they need to remain vigilant and be focused on one thing at a time to achieve their goal.

Considering Tigers propensity in initiating new tasks, they may soon find themselves starting many new projects in their home in the year of the Goat. Naturally they could make some amazing improvements but they must focus on implementing one project at a time or the result could be a source of irritation to loved ones- particularly when faced with half completed tasks such as partially painted bedrooms or half-finished decking.

The Tiger’s social life will be very good in 2015 and, they can expect a rather busy home life with many enjoyable events with family and friends. The Tiger should be mindful of their family and friends’ feelings however and show plenty of appreciation and reserve some quality time for their loved ones. They should not be remiss in showing love and compassion as there is a serious risk of getting into disagreements and causing upsets with the other. Furthermore, Tigers should hone their communication skills and talk freely about any problems with family members in order to avoid future misunderstandings.

Changes being a key factor in the Goat year, it will also foster plenty of new opportunities and situations that would introduce new people into the Tiger’s life.

Romance is particularly propitious for the Tiger this year and they will be able to enjoy some great moments, including travel if they are in a relationship. 2015 is indeed a good year that promises ample opportunities for travelling and, if not careful, the Tiger could be exhausted with such a busy agenda. Remember, the Tiger native needs to manage their time carefully if they want to derive the most benefit from the upcoming year.

Those Tigers looking for love will be pleased to learn that the year of the Goat is one of the best years for them to find their future mate.

Finances will require some care during 2015 as the Tiger will want to spend their hard earned money liberally on impulsive buys. Tiger’s should avoid making too many spur of the moment purchases during the year and instead, save for events that would transpire later on in the year.

Tigers should also periodically check any security system at home and work throughout the year and update any locks, alarms and any other systems that may have been installed, as there is a real risk of theft during 2015.

Overall, this is a good year for the Tiger and one where they can achieve a great many things so long as they remember to stick to one project at a time. There will be some complications throughout the year but that should not deter them.

Tigers are in affinity with the Pig/Boar. For their protection, they can carry a key chain pendant of a Pig.

Enjoy a fantastic year of the Goat. 

2015 Predictions for the Rabbit

This Goat year that bodes well for the Rabbit starts on 19th February 2015. As the closing months of 2014 was so stressful, the Rabbit may have started the year of the Goat on a rather dismal note with low expectations; now however, the Rabbit will join in the activities which will soon boost their spirits and also help them discover many available opportunities.

The Rabbit’s career prospects are particularly favorable this year and their expertise and resourcefulness, when put into good use, should go a long way towards attaining positive recognition in the workplace.

There might be lot of Rabbits that have recently changed positions at work and now they will be given the opportunity to prove their aptitude and worth within the company, so they shouldn’t shy away from initiating or completing the important tasks that will arise periodically during the year of the Goat. Their invaluable input will certainly render positive results and pave the way for ascending the ladder of success.

Rabbits seeking employment can see a lot of developments this year also, but they would be advised to take advice from anyone who can be of help to them; this could be from a friend or former colleague that knows more about the inner workings of a company.

The Rabbits social life in 2015 is looking rather promising. Old friends of the Rabbit will provide a lot of support and elation during the year and there will be ample opportunities for the Rabbit to strengthen existing relationships as well as mending broken ones. Indeed, forgive and forget should be the motto for this year. Meanwhile the Rabbit will have ample opportunity to make some new acquaintances due to their busy social calendar. Safe to say, chances for romance is also very optimistic for the Rabbit in 2015 and they should be able to find new love in the year of the Goat easily, particularly if they are engaged in activities and social gatherings. This is very much a year of love for the Rabbit and those in an existing liaison can really strengthen their relationship with their loved one.

The Rabbits home life will be busy during the year but also very rewarding for they will be keen to make a lot of improvements in their home and also enjoy some quality time with their family and friends. Rabbits should enjoy the numerous opportunities that will enable them the countless hours of joy indulging their hobbies as well as, undertaking many tasks at home that will prove most gratifying. In the interim, Rabbits would also benefit from a trip with the family.

Overall 2015 is looking to be a fantastic year for the Rabbit. With a lot of progress taking place in the Goat year, the Rabbit should soon notice a rise in their finances; nevertheless caution is warranted when spending money and with major investments or purchases. The Rabbit will need to check over paperwork and fine print in order to avoid mistakes but this is looking to be a great year regardless. So enjoy!

Rabbits are in affinity with the Dog. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Dog.

Good luck and have a fantastic year of the Goat. 

2015 Predictions for the Dragon

The year of the Goat begins on the 19th February and along with it starts an inconsistent year for the Dragon, one with lots of changes in store and requiring due diligence and caution. 2015 will have its benefits however, and even though the year should be dealt with care and prudence, the overall balance of life should still be good.

Considering the Dragon’s career prospects, the year of the Yin Wood Goad bodes rather well for them. This can be a rewarding year with brilliant results for those who’ll dedicate 100% in to their work on their current position. Dragons are poised to gain recognition and benefits especially if they undertake additional training and extra assignments in their workplace.

Dragons that are looking to change position in their workplace however, could find their efforts somewhat hindered by the year of the Goat. And yes, Dragons seeking new employment or looking to change career paths may also find that in 2015 this will be a daunting and challenging endeavour. Dragons are very headstrong and determined individuals and if they persevere and are driven to do well this trait could help them to secure a worthy position in a good company regardless of the obstacles the year of the Goat presents.

The year 2015, meanwhile, can be a fantastic year for the dragon wishing to pursue their interests and hobbies and the best way to get the most out of it will be to focus on the existing hobbies and interests at first then progress to new ones. There is also great benefit to be had in acquiring new skills, furthering personal development, taking on new challenges and focusing on physical fitness in the year of the Goat.

The Dragon meanwhile can look forward to a lot of joyous, memorable moments and a very enjoyable social life with the great deal that is going on in 2015. The Dragon will find it very easy to make new friends in the year of the Goat and will gain benefit from strong bonds with existing friends.

Family life for the Dragon will be a rewarding one. The Dragon will enjoy the help and support of the close family members at home, as Goat years favour joint ventures within the family circle.

Naturally, for the attached Dragon this year will be a very propitious time with little problems. Single Dragons can also look forward to a satisfactory and rather promising year with a good chance of meeting that special someone with the potential of a strong bond forming.

Travel is very much favoured for the Dragon in 2015 and a vacation or two during the year could really benefit the Dragon and give them much needed respite whether it is alone or with loved ones. The Dragon does not have to travel thousands of miles to enjoy the benefits that travelling has to offer however; a simple excursion out of the city for the weekend or a day trip somewhere special can still bring great deal of enjoyment and repose to the Dragon during this year of the Goat.

Overall, the year of the Goat will be a good one for the Dragon although some discipline will be warranted throughout the year as the Dragon likes to take a lot on at the same time. As the year of the Goat will be an eventful time for the Dragon, expectantly the resources may become somewhat limited, after all funds are needed for the provision of Dragon’s excursions and very busy social life. Indeed, this could be a costly year for the Dragon and some requisite planning and frugal discipline is crucial. Care is warranted for, without this level of discipline with Dragon’s spending, they could end up losing a considerable amount of money in 2015. Meanwhile Dragons are advised to also carefully check over credit card statements and ferret for bargains and better deals when making big purchases.

Dragons are in affinity with the Rooster. For enhancement they should keep a key chain pendant of a Rooster on them.

Have a fantastic year of the Goat.

2015 Predictions for the Snake

Now that the challenges of the Horse year are far behind them, the Snake can look forward to a great Goat year that will be most beneficial to them. The Goat fosters resourcefulness and the Snake’s acumen and proficiency should serve them well during 2015.

Possessing a knack for business, the Snake can make the most of the opportunities that present themselves in the workplace all during the year. This is their chance to demonstrate their intrinsic aptitude to further their position in their career. Naturally there will be some setbacks in a Goat year but with dogged determination Snake can still fare well and further their expertise.

Snakes looking to change career and those looking for employment in general should find that the year of the Goat brings plenty of opportunities and they could soon find themselves securing a position in a good company. Older Snakes looking for similar positions that they are experienced in could see their good reputation can beget swift and satisfactory results. The only conceivable problem could be when large group of Snakes all vie for the same position. Remember, the secret of success is dependent on Snake’s persistence and vigilance.

The Snake’s finances are looking rather propitious this year. If the Snakes manage their money well, they could indulge in some big purchases and act on ideas and plans that they’ve been wanting to partake of in their personal life and home. Investing money or putting money aside in to a savings account would benefit the Snake this year although they should get professional advice for high returns.

The Snake’s home life is also looking good. Snakes are poised to enjoy a lot of pleasurable and fun moments with their loved ones and family throughout the year. When, on occasion, plans change quickly during the Goat year the Snake should remember to work around these changes rather than waste time worrying too much about it. Remember, lots can be achieved around the house if Snakes remains adaptable to changes.

The Snake can sometimes be very discriminating when it comes to choosing new friends. There is great benefit to be had, however, from getting involved in social events and being more open with people, especially since Snakes are poised to make some lifelong friends during this year. This also applies to relationships of the heart as new romance is predicted for the unattached Snakes in this Goat year. When new love manifests Snake must allow it to grow naturally and not try to rush or force it, for this might generate an unwanted, adverse effect.

During the year of the Goat, the other area that warrants caution and care for the Snake is their mental and physical health. To maintain good health the snake should keep an active lifestyle. For instance they should join a gym or participate in group sports or other such outdoor activities. And it goes without saying they should stick to a healthy diet by keeping takeout and junk food to a minimum.

Overall this is looking to be a very good year for the Snake and one where they can advance in their career, improve their lifestyle and augment their finances.

Snakes are in affinity with the Monkey. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Monkey.

Have a fantastic year of the Goat. 

2015 Predictions for the Horse

The year of the Goat should be a propitious one for the Horse and they’ll find that this year they are able to accomplish quite a lot if they focus on the task at hand and dedicate 100% effort to it. This is truly a year for progress but the Horse needs to list priorities: what they wish to participate in and achieve, and then meticulously, one task at a time, focus in accomplishing these.

Work life will be very productive for the Horse in 2015. They will be given a chance to showcase those skills and abilities previously overlooked by their peers, leading to advancement and more responsibility in the company. All efforts expended in the year of the Goat can be seen as an investment as they will establish foundations for the future success of the Horse’s career.

Horses looking for employment or those looking to change vocation could find that by exploring different options or taking on new tasks can lead to positive result. The year of the Goat favours progress and this is where the Horse native is poised to excel.

Suffice it to say finances can be increased as the result of advancements in the workplace this year and so will be the resulting expenditures, including holidays. The Horse therefore is advised to exercise caution and be disciplined with their spending.

The year of the Goat is a advantageous time for those Horses that are planning to purchase a home or move into a new residence; although considering the amount of work involved, the Horse should initiate this move well before year’s end.

In case moving the Horse’s abode is not an option, renovations and home improvements could afford an exciting alternative; provided that is, the Horse remains mindful of his expenditures and the scope of the project. If extensive, it might prove rather costly and time consuming. The Horse should also be heedful of their partner’s thoughts and feelings when managing these projects in order to circumvent possible arguments.

Socially this will be a very busy year for the Horse. The Horse will spend a great deal of time with close friends and will take immense pleasure from doing this. They may find that a lot of their personal interests and hobbies, time spent at a gym or involvement in a sport team, may also be a contributing factor to their increased social calendar.

For the moment romance is looking very promising for the Horse and they may find that their bond with loved ones is a lot stronger this year.

The unattached Horse can look forward to an exciting time in the Goat year with an anticipated new romance, though they should resist rushing into the new relationship.

As the year of the Goat promises to be a very busy time for the Horse, what with hobbies, socializing, moving or renovating, they need to set aside some time for exercise and eating healthy, nutritious food. Otherwise they will be tempted with fast food and will adopt other unhealthy traits.

Overall this is looking to be a great year for the Horse and one where they can accomplish a great deal in all aspects of their life.

Horses are in affinity with the Sheep/Goat. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Goat.

Have a great year of the Goat. 

2015 Predictions for the Goat-Sheep

The year of the Goat begins on the 19th February 2015. Right at the start the Goat needs to adopt a positive outlook when dealing with many residual problems and bad thoughts of the previous year. This turning point will ensure a good year for the Goat with some very encouraging prospects.

Generally, the Goat’s affable character in 2015 will win them support from colleagues in the workplace. Meanwhile there is encouraging news for those Goats that may have felt stymied or stuck in the dead end position in their career for a long time. The Goat that is dissatisfied in their present workplace and wants to move on can benefit from the advice of professionals or someone who works in the Goat’s targeted job.

Keep in mind that this could be a very important year for Goats seeking new employment as they could find something that will lead to long term employment in a good field. The Goat need not hesitate, after all the year of the Goat is poised to provide them with some fantastic opportunities and at the same time allow them to show off their aptitude and resourcefulness, winning them in the end both recognition by their peers and a good promotion. Meanwhile Goats who work in creative professions in particular will have a definite positive break.

Finance is looking real good for the Goat this year although this may prove to be an expensive time for them. As their expenditures could be copious throughout 2015, the Goat needs to exercise prudence and resist those many impulsive purchases.

The Goats personal life will be very rewarding this year and their hobbies will bring them ample joy. The Goat will have a lot of opportunities to share their hobbies with friends and loved ones. All in all Goats with creative hobbies will see their hobbies and talents reaching an apex this year and this could even bring them financial gain.

The Goat needs to initiate plans carefully and at comfortable pace in certain areas of their life otherwise they may be overwhelmed and suffer unwarranted stress and exhaustion.

Socially, the year of the Goat will be a very busy one for Goats especially the young ones. There will be ample opportunities to meet new people during 2015 and some of this will be through existing friends. They should make sure to reserve some time for all friends, new and old, this year.

As 2015 will be a very busy time for the Goat, they need to be mindful of their diet and also make sure to stay active in a sport or team, and in doing so get plenty of exercise. Or they could simply go for extensive walks with their loved ones. Neglecting health this year could lead to minor illness such as colds or bad stomach.

The 2015 prediction for Goat’s love life is both promising and extraordinary with prospects of love and strong romance manifesting throughout the year, so they should be prepared to dedicate some time to their loved ones. Single Goats meanwhile shouldn’t fret, for they too could discover that special someone when least expected.

Suffice it to say, home life for the Goat will be a particularly busy one and in the interim they will receive a lot of attention, love and support from their family in all that they do. There could be a considerable amount of change in the home this year and the Goat will need to try and adjust accordingly. The Goat is, by nature, a keen stylist and they will initiate or embark on many projects for improving their present abode. Patience is warranted for it will require meticulous planning and a great deal of time to realize these goals.

A holiday can be a very rewarding experience for the Goat this year, especially with family and loved ones.

Overall, this is a very propitious year for the Goat with a joyous, rewarding love and home life.

Goats are in affinity with the Horse. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Horse.

Have a fantastic year of the Goat.

2015 Prediction for the Monkey

The Goat year that starts on the 19th February 2015 is going to be a mixed year for the Monkey. Some areas of the Monkeys life bode well whereas other areas will require some care and attention. Fortunately for the Monkey, they are quite intelligent and insightful and so with a bit of care and planning, they can elude most of the problems and transform a bad situation into good.

The career prospects for the Monkey are very positive this year and there will be ample opportunities for the Monkey to demonstrate their aptitude. The Monkey, through successful completion of tasks and projects, can secure approval and high regard from their peers in the workplace.

For the Monkeys seeking employment or those looking to change careers, the year of the Goat can offer some fantastic opportunities. When making inquiries a positive attitude and persistence could avail the unrelenting monkey with long standing and very rewarding results.

The Monkeys many talents and hobbies will shine this year. These endowments will add to their elation and relaxation as they partake in projects that make them truly happy. As the year of the Goat favours creativity, the Monkey can utilize his talents to generate extra funds.

The Monkey’s social life and home life should be very busy this year. However they should pay heed and avoid arguments and disagreements, try not upsetting others, and strive to resolve problems before they magnify. This pertains to all aspects of the monkeys’ life including work, social, love life and more. So long as Monkey is mindful of this they can look forward to many pleasurable moments with loved ones, family and friends.

Suffice it to say travelling can be quite beneficial for the Monkey and their loved ones this year. It will certainly help diffuse hot tempers or disconcerting situations. Therefore, after researching for deals and offers, some money should be set aside for this outlay. The vacation break need not be across the seas, for any reservations within the same country or region can be just as gratifying.

Now bit of adverse news; the Monkey’s finances will require quite a lot of care and attention in this Goat year. The Monkey needs to pay meticulous care and attention to their capital. They should also be mindful of their spending, particularly when it comes to major purchases. They should avoid any sizeable expenditure without first speaking to a professional. When signing documents or paperwork, the Monkey should examine it thoroughly and always read the fine print as missing it may lead to future problems.

While this may not be the best year for financial investments, the Monkey should still invest in their health and well being for this area warrants particular care and attention. The Monkey in the end will benefit from dedicating some time to exercise and healthy diet.

Overall, the year of the Goat will be a mixed one. It will require some care in certain areas of the Monkey’s life but there will also be some good times and opportunities that will counterbalance the bad. Besides the Monkeys with their shrewdness are certain to overcome all difficulties as long as they curtail their wild nature and remain vigilant with their finances.

The Monkeys are in affinity with the Snake. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Snake.

Have a fantastic year of the Goat.

2015 Predictions for the Rooster

The year of the Goat starting on 19th February 2015, promises to be a productive year for the Rooster. As it forecasts lots of happenings throughout the year, the Rooster should learn to prioritise and resist initiating too many undertakings all at the same time. Ideally the Rooster should focus on one task to completion before starting another, and by so doing, enjoy a fruitful and well balanced existence in 2015.

The Roosters career opportunities are particularly propitious this year. In the course of 2014 there were many Roosters who had experienced a change in their workplace. This trend is poised to continue; the successful Rooster therefore should embrace further changes as any one of these seemingly insignificant things can lead to host of new prospects in their line of work. This year the Rooster, by simply talking things over with colleagues and peers, can achieve full recognition and same time establishes importance of their voice being heard in the workplace.

Even though the majority of Roosters will enjoy the benefits of their continued progress in the workplace, there will be some that are unhappy and long for a change. The encouraging news is that the year of the Goat will provide various promising opportunities for the disgruntled Rooster to choose. In the consideration of a different profession early inquiries will allow the malcontented Rooster to score well.

The Roosters personal life bodes well in 2015 and the Roosters can look forward to many enjoyable events and time with friends or alone. Any holiday will be of great benefit to the hard working Rooster this year.

Home life is looking particularly good for the Rooster in 2015 although the Rooster will need to show some flexibility when plans do not go the way they had hoped. During the year of the Goat the Rooster will be of great help around the home and with their families. They will not lack for support or opinions in matters that are vital. Those Roosters that had been rather hesitant in doing home improvements in the past now have the green light to go ahead. They should be mindful of the cost however, evaluate the pros and cons and always seek the advice of a professional before initiating any big projects.

The Rooster’s social life is prophesied as well to be very favorable in the year of the Goat. There will be ample opportunities for the innately charming Rooster to meet new acquaintances, form some good relationships and, as a result, expand their circle of friends.

Relationships are especially good for the married Rooster this year and the year of the Goat will beget some fantastic events and memories. Single Roosters should not fret however, for they too can look forward to some great and encouraging opportunities for finding that special someone or new love, especially those Roosters that have suffered recent heartache from a breakup.

Now a bit of adverse news: the Roosters finances are going to require a bit of control and discipline this year as the year of the Goat will be an eventful and at times even hectic year. By putting aside some money in advance however, the Rooster will be able to do circumvent trouble and accomplish a lot of what they wish to do. Another good piece of advice will be to read contracts and their small print very carefully and obtain professional advice before initiating any big acquisition.

Overall, 2015 will be a fantastic year for the Rooster with a lots going their way.

Roosters are in affinity with the Dragon. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Dragon.

Have a great year of the Goat.

2015 Predictions for the Dog

The year of the Goat which begins on 19th February 2015 will be mixed providence for the Dog. The Dog can expect lot of changes in their life which could upset them. Certain aspects of their life could be very arduous and exhausting but other aspects can equally turn out to be very good. Meanwhile, by anticipating problems beforehand, the Dog can avert or satisfactorily resolve most of the problems headed their way.

In order to fair well in 2015 the Dog’s main objective should be to show flexibility when things do not go their way.

The Dog’s work environment could also be affected by certain changes during the Goat year. The Dog, usually favoring tradition, may resist the new ideas and practices at work. If the Dog overcomes these impediments and instead embraces changes as well as shows initiative by taking the time to learn these new practices it could bode well for them and lead to an advancement in their career.

Dogs that are seeking employment or looking to change their career could find that the year of the Goat will pose some challenges. Through persistence and pursuit of different career alternatives, however, the Dog could ensure a good position in a successful company during 2015.

Socially the Dog may find that it will take some time for new friendships to develop. Still, there will be lot of new people added to the Dogs life this year and a lot of new friendships can be formed, especially if the Dog opens up to them early on. Friends that the Dog makes during the year of the Goat could endure over the next few years.

The Dog’s love life and romance meanwhile looks very promising in 2015. This is true especially for those who are in a new relationship, as they will find that the relationship can quickly form in to something more special over the course of the year.

The unattached Dog, especially those who have recently suffered heartbreak, should find a new love this year. Meanwhile, the Dog can get a lot of satisfaction from personal hobbies and tasks during the year of the Goat. The Dog can find that, by taking part in creative hobbies this year, they can unwind and relax. Indeed, the Dog should try to find time throughout the year for personal relaxation and “me-time”.

There will be a lot that the Dog wishes to accomplish in the Goat year. Fortunately progress at work will avail the Dog more income that should help greatly. Suffice to say, the Dogs home life will be a very busy one this year with lots to do around the house. This can bring a lot of enjoyment to the Dog as a lot of what they do will be well supported. The year of the Goat should bring the Dogs family closer especially if they all are engaged with the projects at home. There may be some Dogs celebrating a big event this year such as an anniversary or family member’s birthday and this will bring a lot of joy to the Dog.

As the year 2015 is poised to be an expensive one, the Dog should exercise caution with their spending habits and adopt a frugal budget. They should seek bargains whenever possible and rely on professional advice when unsure of a big transaction.

Overall, this is looking to be a mixed year for the Dog although there will be plenty of chances for the Dog to derive benefit from 2015.

Dogs are in affinity with the Rabbit. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Rabbit.

Have a fantastic year of the Goat.

2015 Predictions for the Pig

The year of the Goat begins on 19 February 2015. It will be a positive year for the Pig and one where they can achieve quite a lot.

The work life of the Pig will be particularly auspicious in this year of the Goat; it will see the motivated Pig ascending the ladder of success with ease. The climb may seem slow at times and furthermore, the Pig may find that there are certain things taking place that are out of their control; however, through persistence and hard work the Pig should still triumph. The best approach would be to try and embrace these changes early on and take advantage of the training programmes that are available. The Pig should also take up new projects and do some networking, as it can provide the means to meet new people in the workplace and further consolidate their worth to the company.

The Pig that has risen up the ladder of success and subsequently gained higher income may be tempted to make some big purchases to celebrate. It is advisable; therefore, that they curb excessive impulse buys as the Pig could be left financially strapped by the end of the year.

The Pig’s social life will be particularly exciting and busy in 2015. The Pig, with their suave, fun-loving nature, will be in high demand and will enjoy many social occasions.

Unattached Pigs are poised to have plenty of romantic liaisons in the year of the Goat. A new love which manifests at this time will quickly grow serious and possibly end up in marriage. For those Pigs that are already in a relationship and have been pondering about their future this may be the time to initialize a serious commitment or enter into matrimony.

Suffice to say the Pigs home life in the Goat year will be eventful and at times even demanding. This is very much the time for elation, progress and strengthened bonds. There will be many occasions to celebrate in the Pig’s home, delightful family activities will be plentiful and in the midst of all this, home improvements will dot the calendar of 2015. The Pig can anticipate deriving great satisfaction from all of these memorable events shared with their family.

Overall, this will be a positive year for the Pig; one where they will make some significant life changing decisions and set some milestones. The Pig should see this year as a time of self-development and self-gain.

Pigs are in affinity with the Tiger. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Tiger.

Have a fantastic year of the Goat. 

The Dragon Wishes You All  A Happy, Healthy And A Prosperous New Year !

Sunday 4 January 2015

Dragon’s General Prediction for 2015

Dragon’s General Prediction for 2015 



2015 unfortunately will not be a good or steady year. The world will still experience pockets of hostility much like last year, as well as persistent unrest in the Middle East. 

The last two Goat/Sheep years were in 1991 and 2003 which were the two Gulf wars, so the likelihood of another conflict in 2015 is a definite probability especially if you factor in the pending trouble with ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Nevertheless from a Feng Shui aspect there is some encouraging news as it foretells some long term resolutions to these conflicts. 

Meanwhile, I’m afraid the powerful earth energy of the Goat/Sheep will also bring natural disasters like earthquake, landslides, floods, avalanches, and further worldwide disasters such as collapse of major buildings worldwide (in particular in Middle Eastern countries). 

There is no water in the goat/Sheep year; this makes the earth stronger which can also portend forest fires, hurricanes, typhoons and severe weather change along with potential for nuclear damages similar to Japan in 2011 along with air and sea pollutions possibly leading to severe environmental devastation. 

The less auspicious months are in April, June, July, October and January 2016. With regards to health, earth is associated to the pancreas, stomach and muscles. The resilient earth will disturb the balance of these areas and can easily activate problems of cancer and problems of the stomach, pancreas as well as propagating obesity. Diabetes can be caused by problems with the pancreas so it will also be more serious in year of the Goat. So mind your diet and make sure you limit carbohydrate intake as it will create blood sugar which is fire element disturbing the balance of earth element. 

Don’t fret; it’s not all doom and gloom. On the plus side the Goat/Sheep in Chinese metaphysics is the toughest earth element and Inside the Goat/Sheep there is a hidden yin fire, yin wood and yin earth. The fire energies still exist in the 2015 year therefore it looks favorably to the energy sector, air travel, sports, entertainment and restaurants. Furthermore, the fire element should continue to affect the economy and the stock market. 

Stay tuned for future blog: Chinese Animal Horoscopes for 2015

Friday 7 November 2014

The Prince and the Dragon

The Prince and the Dragon 

(This is BoSt rendition of an old legend, a popular Serbian fairy tale.)  


In the far off land of Orownoz the enlightened and fair minded King Zonen was at his wits end; his once peaceful kingdom was plagued by a terrible curse. Every now and then a sheep, ox or peasant would go missing without a trace. 

Occasional patches of scorched land appearing hither and yon fostered a fearful rumour, though none who had cast their eyes upon it had lived to tell, that a fire breathing dragon was the source of this bane. 

In order to rid the land of this terrible scourge many brave warriors were dispatched to the four corners of the kingdom; but all attempts at finding the beast were in vain and the numbers of peasants, sheep and oxen continued to wane along with a corresponding number of brave warriors. The outcome was always the same: they all vanished without a trace, leaving only scorched earth to mark their passing. 

King Zonen had three exceptional sons. The eldest son, Joren, was a mighty warrior and an accomplished swordsman and archer. On numerous occasions he had undertaken the dangerous task of ridding the kingdom of this dragon but had always returned empty handed and in dismay. 

The latest foray had been a particularly close call, causing the King to forbid his favorite son from ever venturing out again on these dangerous excursions. Constrained from leaving the castle, Prince Joren when he retired to bed began seeing a strange dream. This recurring nightmare always followed the same sequence of events: he was hunting game when he saw a white hare and followed it, but was never able to catch it. 

Prince Joren

For three consecutive nights the dream returned, haunting Joren’s peace of mind all during the day. The strangeness of the vision, however, precluded his sharing it with anyone and not even his closest confident his younger brother Prince Kezi, was told of this irritant. Then on the fourth morning, unable to stand it any longer, Joren rose well before the first light of day. Armed with his favorite bow and, with a quiver of arrows slung over his shoulder, Prince Joren charged forth from the main gate.

Prince Joren

The Prince rode as fast as his horse could gallop towards the thickly forested mountain that had its high peaks always hidden in the clouds. His dream sequence played out with uncanny accuracy when he chanced on the white hare and gave chase. The hare fled at lightning speed through the thick foliage, keeping just ahead of the Prince’s mount until the game path it was following abruptly ended in a thick cloud bank. Then, almost as if it did not want to escape the Prince’s pursuit, it slowed just enough, keeping in sight until they both had eventually passed through the unsettling miasma to emerge at a strange clearing. Hot on its heels, the Prince pursued the hare until it took refuge in a water-mill. 

Dismounting, the prince followed it as it hopped up the stairs of the mill until it found a high window, inexplicably stopped and sat on the sill. By then the Prince was close enough to notch his bow and let fly the first arrow.

Prince Joren

To his great consternation the arrow missed its mark, seemingly diverted from its path. As the Prince retrieved another arrow and was about to take aim the hare jumped out of the window then immediately began to grow in size then transform into a giant winged dragon that soared into the sky, disappearing into a thick mass of low clouds. When it manifested again it dove straight for Prince Joren who, with incredible prowess, let loose five consecutive arrows targeting the beast’s vital areas. 

Prince Joren

Unfortunately, though the metal tipped arrows did find their mark, they failed to penetrate the scales and fell harmlessly back to the ground. Before Prince Joren could string another arrow, he was scorched and then swiftly eaten by the mighty dragon and was no more.

When he failed to return and all traces of him had vanished from Earth, the King and Queen, surmising the worst, grieved endlessly for days for the terrible loss of their beloved son and heir.

The second Prince, Kezi, was an accomplished warrior excelling particularly in the skills of spear and dagger throwing and he never missed his mark. He always wore high boots specially designed to hold a set of daggers on the outer side. Unfortunately, growing under the shadow of popular Prince Joren, he’d always been seen as an underachiever. 

Prince Kezi

Prince Kezi saw in this circumstance a golden opportunity to prove his prowess. And so at sunrise, accompanied by a small contingent of cavalry, the middle Prince passed through the gate vowing not to return till the scourge had been dealt with. 

Prince Kezi

A week passed and, despite all expanded efforts, they could still not find any sign of this supposed Dragon. Yet the disappearances continued without letup. At dusk one day, after the campfire meal, while relieving himself at a secluded spot, Prince Kezi was lured away by the same white hare, only this time the rabbit turned into a strange apparition of a beautiful girl. He followed her willingly to a clearing beyond some tall, jagged rocks. When the apparition climbed to the top of the rocks, jumped off towards the Prince and, there and then, reverted to its true form as a fire breathing dragon. Next instant Prince Kezi’ was forced to cast aside his sword blazing to the hilt as it’d brushed with dragon fire. Then again being quick on his feet, in an instant he was able to retrieve his two daggers from his boots and, with lightening speed, hurled them at the beast. Unfortunately the fiery breath of the Dragon simply melted them in mid flight. Too bad his spear was not with him. He barely dodged the subsequent fire ball as he zigzagged as fast as he could towards safe ground. He was swift on his feet but before he could retreat to the safety of the crevices within those jagged rocks he, too, was scorched and devoured by the Dragon in the blink of an eye. 

His absence was also grieved by the King and Queen but they saw no reason to take any precaution to prevent the third Prince, Stezor, from following suit. For, being the youngest and the favorite of the Queen, he’d been spoiled rotten and was spared the rigorous training of his siblings. Left pretty much to pursue his idle passions he’d often spend his days, to the dismay of the King, pursuing literary arts, and music or mind games. 

Prince Stezor

But Prince Stezor did have a serious side which he, for whatever reason, chose to conceal. He had a deep understanding of warfare and strategy, as well as secret passion for attaining first-class competency in archery and swordsmanship. When a small meteor came into his possession, recognizing its true value at once, he had it covertly forged by the palace smith into a mighty sword. 

Prince Stezor

The young Prince Stezor had also a great foresight, and from the moment of the disappearance of his elder brother Joren, he had rightly predicted the actions of the second sibling Kezi and his inevitable doom. Subsequently, in his determination to avenge them he’d made secret preparations and, one stormy day at dusk, snuck out of the main gate perfectly disguised as a peasant leading a horse drawn cart. As soon as he was out of range of the sentry at the castle gate, he removed the concealed bundle from the cart, unhitched his horse and then hid the cart under some foliage. Now with the meteor sword slung across his back under his cape and sporting a small dagger in his left boot, he saddled the steed and set on in a cantor over the soggy ground. 

Prince Stezor

He reached the rocky point, where Prince Kezi’s contingent had reported him missing, all in good time. Prince Stezor’s intent of investigating the grounds however was forestalled by a sudden heavy cloudburst and subsequent deluge, forcing him to take refuge in a nearby crevice. Prince Stezor passed the night rather uncomfortably listening to the howling winds and relentless downpour. At first daylight the remaining clouds were herded away by moderate winds allowing the sun’s rays to checker the soggy grounds. Prince Stezor was chewing on a piece of dry meat for his morning breakfast when he spotted the white hare beside some bushes. An uncontrollable urge propelled him to jump into the saddle and give chase after the white hare, which suddenly turned into a white stag. 

Prince Stezor in a Fog

The chase continued through an aberrant miasma that eventually led to a ravine that improbably existed in an anomaly in time and space. For one thing, midsummer seemed to be the prevailing season here. Heavily overgrown, the tall grass and strange flowers brushed against the horse’s withers as it chased after the white stag. Prince Stezor came to a quick realization just then how he’d utterly and hopelessly lost all tracks of time and place. Despite this disorientation and overwhelming exhaustion he relentlessly pressed on in pursuit. When the stag suddenly dove into the water-mill his keen survival instincts took hold and he dropped the chase. Maintaining his distance he cocked his head and his intent gaze surveyed the immediate perimeter. The grounds were thronging with thick foliage and strange bushes that seemed to harbour small game. Suddenly hunger pains gnawed at his stomach and he postponed the chase in favour of hunting the game. 

When, by mid- afternoon, he retraced his path back to the mill he spotted an old woman sitting there. With a cautious approach and a congenial manner he soon engaged the old woman in a polite, and somewhat sincere, conversation. The old woman told him how she, herself, had once been a lovely girl, and had been spared by the dragon. He had taken an unusual liking to her and so had tolerated her existence, much like a pet. Allowed to live nearby in a small hut, she had no living relations so obliged the dragon with a visit now and then. Feigning a modest interest Prince Stezor cajoled the old woman with intriguing notions about where the dragon’s secret strength lay. “You needn’t be so powerless, “He prompted her. “Dragons are known to have many wondrous powers. He’s been miserly with you, keeping you confined to this harsh and deprived environment. You can have a more magnificent existence, might even regain your youth, since Dragons have such magical power. Hmmm. I wonder if the dragon would reveal this secret if you managed to lure it to the location where it hides its powers and kissed it.”

After this exchange, the third prince thanked her for her kindness, gave her some of his game and, bidding her farewell, departed; but he did not ventured far. When the dragon failed to manifest at the mill Prince Stezor covertly trailed the old woman back to her hut. He hid within the vicinity for the rest of the day, continuing to spy on her activities. At dusk the dragon manifested by the hut and, as soon as its feet touch earth, took on a human form and invited himself inside. Prince Stezor stealthily approached the hut and through the crack of the window spied on the events transpiring inside. 

After her repast the old woman, feeling obliged, did ask the precise words Prince Stezor had persuaded her to say. When the Dragon told her the fireplace, she began to kiss it. The dragon was highly amused by this, then told her it was the tree at the back of the hut. Again when she proceeded to kiss that, the dragon hollered with laughter. Then continuing with his good mood, seeing no reason to keep it from her, confessed to her that a distant Kingdom Voltaren had a lake, which was the dragon’s other residence. 

There, in his truer form, the dragon resided in the form of a large wild boar, within the form of the wild boar would be the form of the pigeon in which the heart and the strength of this dragon was hidden. When the dragon teasingly hinted at the real source, that his mythical existence might be the deep roots of the tree that grew adjacent to the mill, the Prince Stezor smiled, nodded and withdrew quietly to safe distance. Finding a secure spot to conceal both himself and his mount, he ate his fill then enjoyed a sound sleep, having acquired the means to defeat the Dragon.

Rising before dawn Prince Stezor set out at once to the Kingdom of Voltaren. Mixing with the common crowd at the marketplace there he first pawned the gold chain he’d worn since childhood and obtained two hounds and a falcon. Next, properly disguised, he entered the palace grounds and sought and obtained employment as a shepherd. 

He was duly warned however not to go near the lake himself, though the sheep were permitted to venture there if they wanted. Eager to get started he set out at once with the sheep, two hounds, a falcon and the mighty sword slung across his back concealed under the cape. As instructed he allowed the sheep to venture near the lake. Staying at some distance, he hollered his challenge to the Dragon to face him if he dared. The same Red Dragon emerged from the foaming waves and shot to the sky, hovering in the air. 

“Who dare be so brazen as to challenge me?” His thunderous voice shook the very ground where Prince Stezor stood. Steadying his footing he reached across his back and unsheathed his sword. Brandishing it he hollered back: “I’m Prince Stezor, the Third Prince of the kingdom of Orownoz. I’m here to avenge my brothers Prince Joren and Prince Kezi’s deaths.”

The mighty Dragon was highly amused at the audacity and the posturing of this puny human. At first he toyed with him as a source of fun, whizzing through the sky, shooting bolts of fire that made the prince dance. Prince Stezor’s agility and incredible stamina had impressed him at first but soon tiring of this lame sport, the Dragon, in earnest this time, dove in for the kill.

Once more Prince Stezor averted being roasted or swallowed whole with each subsequent skirmish and he even managed to strike back with his sword. Incredibly the blade even managed to cut through the scales, causing the Dragon unexpected pain.

The dragon, growing increasingly more wary of this contestant’s prowess, halted his onslaught and, hovering in mid air over the opponent’s head, demanded a temporary truce for the day. Refusing to forgo his advantage, Prince Stezor hollered his adamant refusal, “There will be no armistice till one of us is dead”. Furthermore he brazenly asserted that, even if the emperor’s daughter happened to be there to kiss him, he would still not relinquish the fight.

This long-drawn- out skirmish had seriously depleted the Dragon’s fire whereas Prince Stezor‘s deadly blade managed to find its mark few more times. 

Prince Stezor

“Enough!” The infuriated Dragon reluctantly broke off from the combat and swiftly dove into the refuge of the lake’s depths.

Since the Prince could not follow suit and no amount of bellowed insults, hollered dares or challenges produced the desired outcome, Prince Stezor in the end reluctantly rounded up his flock and returned back to the palace stables. Early next morning, along with the sheep, hounds and falcon, he returned to the spot near the lake. Once more he contested with the dragon but failed to destroy the beast. The previous day, the King Seku of the Voltaren Kingdom to allay his suspicions had dispatched two grooms to spy on this unusual shepherd. They had returned with bated breath to relay all that they had witnessed. So on this second day, the King had sent his daughter to the lake, with directions to kiss the Sheppard if, or when, he made the same boast. When Prince Stezor uttered those same words during the fray the beautiful princess‘s sudden appearance on the scene and her exquisite beauty did sway the prince from his resolve. 


The princess as a willing participant volunteered the kiss and charged Prince Stezor with unusual strength, stamina and zeal.

“What’s this? “

Prince Stezor was waiting for just such an opportunity, with his now invincible prowess and dexterous manoeuvring, just as the Dragon dove to devour him, the Prince somersaulted and shot through the air to successfully mount the beast’s tail. His fingers clung tightly onto the scales as the Dragon swooped then veered this way and that slicing through the air with powerful strokes of its wings. Despite the Dragon’s aerial acrobatics, brisk assents to the clouds followed by spiraling, dizzying dives, Prince Stezor had hung on tight and what’s more, completed his laborious climb towards Dragon’s neck and head. In a contest of will Prince Stezor would be the champion for, just as the exhausted Dragon had slowed his pace, Prince Stezor had positioned himself above the Dragon’s eyes, its most vulnerable point. The powerful plunge of the sword cut mercilessly through the scales causing the Dragon great pangs of agony as its blood poured in torrents out of the wound.

“Stop ... Stop it.” He growled and, with the most vigorous shake, managed to finally rid himself of this pest. 

Prince Stezor, who was in fact worn out, broke the momentum of his fall with a timely roll and a dive into the lake to avoid by only a hairsbreadth the most serious of injuries. He was submerged for a long while under water but resurfaced gasping for breath and quickly taking hold of his senses swam to the safety of the shore before the Dragon returning from the clouds could dive into the lake.

Meanwhile the blinded and disoriented Dragon, with the blood running over his eyes, heard the Prince’s desperate cries, “Help, Help, I can’t swim!” he targeted the sound assuming it to be coming from the lake. But the Prince had climbed onto a rocky outcrop a good distance from the lake. As a result the diving Dragon missed its mark and plowed straight into the rocks. 

The beast burst open the moment it hit the ground and a wild boar emerged from the rupture. The hounds set upon it at the Prince’s command and tore apart the wild boar. A white pigeon burst out of the carcass and immediately took flight but this time it was caught by the falcon. 

A precise whistle brought the trained falcon to the Prince’s hand with its prey. The captive pigeon, now in dire straits, beseeched the Prince to spare his life and, to foster good faith, confessed to his holding prisoners behind the water mill which Prince Stezor was now at liberty to free.

“What about the adjacent tree?” Prince’s question invoked deep fear in the Pigeon’s eyes. This is the confirmation prince needed, so he did not press the issue any further.

“Now I’ve told you everything… Let me live and I shall go far away from here and never bother this realm or your family again. “The Pigeon once more implored the Prince.

“I would have ordinarily spared you,” the prince hemmed and hawed, “However, I cannot be sure you would not revert back to the form of a Dragon and spread your reign of terror over other unsuspecting kingdoms. Besides I am obliged to avenge my brothers you’ve so heartlessly devoured.” And with those words he wrung the pigeon’s neck and the Dragon was no more. 

Prince Stezor

The victorious Prince on his return was given armed men by the King of Voltaren and with them he went back to the prison behind the windmill and freed all the dragon’s captives. Delighted, King Seku married his only daughter, the lovely Princess to this intrepid Prince Stezor. After the elaborate feast while many slept soundly , diligent Prince Stezor, bothered by a nagging loose end, snuck away from the matrimonial bed and without a word to anyone hopped back in his saddle and galloped back to the windmill. Dismounting, Prince then found the adjacent tree and uncovering the roots, he struck them so hard that his hands turned red. That same instant a sudden feeling of foreboding took hold of his heart. 

With a perplexed look on his face and a heavy heart, in haste he galloped back to the kingdom. Sure enough his suspicions were warranted and his fears became the reality. The entire kingdom seemed utterly deserted. No one, not a single soul stirred. His searches led him to even the deepest parts of the dungeons where he discovered everyone, guards and prisoners alike in a state of lifeless stupor. 

And when he touched one, they simply crumbled to dust. With a heavy heart he rushed back to his matrimonial chamber and gazed upon his beautiful bride but when he reached for a kiss, she too crumbled to dust in his arms.

Were they all the mystical creation of the Dragon’s imagination?

After shedding many tears, he rounded up the majority of the sheep and oxen. Prince Stezor then reluctantly mounted his steed and herding the animals through the strange miasma emerged safely back on the familiar lands of the Kingdom of Orownoz.

By then the Prince’s absence had come to light and a nationwide search was well underway. The Queen had fallen ill fearing the worst but now the delighted King and Queen listened with due patience and fervent zeal to their son’s account of his adventures. In the end the King shook his head in disbelief; not only of the bizarre set of events, but also regarding the discrepancy of the timing, for the Prince’s absence had only been two days and no more.

The End