Sunday 4 January 2015

Dragon’s General Prediction for 2015

Dragon’s General Prediction for 2015 



2015 unfortunately will not be a good or steady year. The world will still experience pockets of hostility much like last year, as well as persistent unrest in the Middle East. 

The last two Goat/Sheep years were in 1991 and 2003 which were the two Gulf wars, so the likelihood of another conflict in 2015 is a definite probability especially if you factor in the pending trouble with ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Nevertheless from a Feng Shui aspect there is some encouraging news as it foretells some long term resolutions to these conflicts. 

Meanwhile, I’m afraid the powerful earth energy of the Goat/Sheep will also bring natural disasters like earthquake, landslides, floods, avalanches, and further worldwide disasters such as collapse of major buildings worldwide (in particular in Middle Eastern countries). 

There is no water in the goat/Sheep year; this makes the earth stronger which can also portend forest fires, hurricanes, typhoons and severe weather change along with potential for nuclear damages similar to Japan in 2011 along with air and sea pollutions possibly leading to severe environmental devastation. 

The less auspicious months are in April, June, July, October and January 2016. With regards to health, earth is associated to the pancreas, stomach and muscles. The resilient earth will disturb the balance of these areas and can easily activate problems of cancer and problems of the stomach, pancreas as well as propagating obesity. Diabetes can be caused by problems with the pancreas so it will also be more serious in year of the Goat. So mind your diet and make sure you limit carbohydrate intake as it will create blood sugar which is fire element disturbing the balance of earth element. 

Don’t fret; it’s not all doom and gloom. On the plus side the Goat/Sheep in Chinese metaphysics is the toughest earth element and Inside the Goat/Sheep there is a hidden yin fire, yin wood and yin earth. The fire energies still exist in the 2015 year therefore it looks favorably to the energy sector, air travel, sports, entertainment and restaurants. Furthermore, the fire element should continue to affect the economy and the stock market. 

Stay tuned for future blog: Chinese Animal Horoscopes for 2015