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Drogon Saves the Day

Drogon Saves the Day

Dragons in general hold a special fascination for many people and in testament to this are the many illustrations, movies and books about them. After all Dragons with their strength and mystical prowess, represent might and majesty. 

Games of Thrones is no exception, Dragons here were believed to be intrinsically tied to magic and the seasons of the world. And that is why; as the power of magic dwindled, the winters grew colder, necessitating the existence of the Ice wall to fend off the attacks of the White-walkers, Wildlings and other races that live beyond the Wall.

Different from the Eastern Dragons, more like European ones, these Dragons are scaled, reptilian creatures, with two legs and two wings. They use their wings as forelegs like those that bats do. 

The dragon’s scales are somewhat, but not entirely, impervious to flame. Nevertheless they do protect the vulnerable flesh and musculature underneath. As a Dragon ages it scales harden and thicken affording them more protection from the hottest fire and flames. 

Naturally they have sharp teeth and claws, leathery wings and long necks and tails, with spiny crests running down their backs. 

Great heat emanates from Dragon’s bodies and their breath can emerge as a hot flame which they use to cook their meat before eating. 

Dragons would grow throughout their lives, but their age or how long they live is a matter for conjecture. As hatch-lings they are the size of a cat but continued to grow to gigantic size. 

Legend had it that the oldest and largest Targaryen Dragon, known as Balerion, lived about 200 years and was believed capable to swallow a mammoth whole. Now accordingly the dragons in this story had existed only on the continents of Westros and Essos but had been extinct for over one hundred and fifty years. Until that is, Daenerys Targaryen received their eggs as wedding gift and later still managed to hatch three of tiny dragons. 

This brings me to the method of reproduction: Dragons according to Maester Aemon are “but now one and now the other, as changeable as flame”, meaning their sex was supposed to be interchangeable depending on the circumstance. Being reptilian-like creature they have no external sex organs, therefore it’s difficult to determine their gender. It’s reasonable to believe, however, that the female dragons would be the ones that laid the eggs. The last Targaryen dragon that died during the reign of King Aegon III, was referred to as female, presumably because it left behind several eggs. 

To put it succinctly; in ages past it was believed that the dragons had once populated most of the known world. Then something happened and most was gone. Some five thousand years ago Dragons were discovered by the Valyrians in the Fourteen Flames, the ring of volcanoes on the Valyrian peninsula. The Valyrians mastered the art of raising dragons and used them as weapons of war to carve out a massive empire. After the Doom of Valyria, the only dragons known to have survived were five dragons on Dragonstone. The dragons that belonged Targaryens, brought from Valyria when they went into exile. Four of the dragons brought from Valyria eventually died on Dragonstone, leaving only Balerion. However, the other dragons left eggs behind, and from these Vhagar and Meraxes were hatched. 

Since Dragons are capable of forming strong attachments to the humans who raise them and have a reasonably high level of animal intelligence, they can be trained to serve as battle mounts and receive vocal commands. 

Dragons are said to be capricious in nature. 

Dragons bend easier to their rider's will after they have been fed and their stomach is full. 

Targaryens had to train their dragons to keep them from laying waste to everything around them. They used Balerion, Vhagar, and Meraxes to conquer and forge the Seven Kingdoms. The rest, as they say, is history.

In Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke is cast as Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons. From the three eggs, given to her as a wedding present, the audience has, with eager anticipation, followed the three Dragon’s journey from hatch-ling to the current season. 

In Season five, Episode 9, we cheered loudly when Drogon barbecues the Sons of the Harpy and saves Daenerys from a fate worse than death. Of course it helped that these former slave owners, now carrying out a terrorist campaign to reclaim the right to buy and sell human beings, are so profoundly disdained.

Below is that magnificent moment of rescue and flight: 

Enjoy these pictures also from this scene:

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Saturday 21 March 2015

The Annual Afflictions in 2015

The Dragon is here to Save You from the Annual Afflictions in 2015

People usually set priorities on attaining health, wealth, career etc. This will be of little use if there are annual destructive energies in one’s home and workplace. Therefore, the first and foremost approach must be a defensive act. Each year, certain directions are considered particularly inauspicious and because they exert evil influences that are generally referred to as Sha Qi. Though we are now in March, it still is not too late to take action to protect oneself from these annual afflictions.

Succinctly, the three major yearly afflictions are: The 3 Killings (San Sha/Sarm Saat) ,Tai Sui (The Grand Duke of Jupiter), The Sui Po (referred to as Broken Soldier). 

The Three Killings 

The Three Killings in 2015 is located in the West (232.5 - 307.5)

The Three Killings refer to three Violent Robbers- the combination of Age Killing (Sui Sha), Plundering Killing (Jie Sha) and Calamity Killing (Zai Sha). When Three Killing are wrongly activated or disturbed it can bring about three types of misfortunes:

1- Financial loss/lawsuits, loss of wealth, robbery and theft.

2- Illnesses, blood related injuries

3- Accidents/arguments, calamities, destitution and fatalities.

An encounter with the inauspicious Three Killings calls for extreme caution. Any activity in the West part of your house or office in 2015 must be strictly avoided and any form of noisy renovations such as banging and nailing, re-decorating, disturbing the earth, digging holes or foundations, or any maintenance work with noisy equipment inside or outside will be detrimental to your home and health. If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the West during the year of the Sheep/Goat, you can place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between your buildings and the location where the work is being carried out so as to minimize the harm of the Three Killings. 

Aside from not disturbing the ground, there is another important rule of thumb to follow regarding the Three Killings in 2015. If you are moving your desk this year never sit with your back to the West, it is better to be seated facing the West. Also, do not sit with your back facing the 3 Killings either at work or at the dinner table; it is best to confront them directly. Remember, avoid sitting with your back to the west in 2015 or you may find unscrupulous people working against you or you may encounter undue gossip and back stabbing during the year.

If your front door faces the West in 2015 you should place a pair of Fu Dogs just inside the house looking outwards as protective guardians for the year. 

A Ba Gua mirror should also be placed outside if your door is facing west.

For those of you who have bedrooms, a main door or window either in the West or facing the West: you will be afflicted with the Three Killings energy and therefore be more susceptible to legal problems and accidents. 

Three Chi Lin can be used to effectively protect one against the Three Killings:

We previously did a post telling you about the Chi Lin (Qilin). A mythical animal related to Dragon. The Chi Lin- also known as Dragon Horse, is the Chinese Unicorn, a legendary creature with head of a dragon, scales of carp upon the body of a horse, and a tail consisting of little curls.

The Chi Lin's presence is said to attract the powerful cosmic breath of the dragon, which promises good omens, prosperity, success, longevity, wisdom, compassion and illustrious offspring. In Feng Shui the Chi Lin has a very important role as a protector of your home or office. It is also used to counteract the destructive energy of the Three Killings. Placing 3 Chi Lin facing the direction of the Three Killings will restrain and prevent the killing Chi from harming you. 

Tai Sui (Grand Duke of Jupiter) 

Tai Sui resides in 2015 Southwest between 202.5º - 217.5º degrees 
southwest in 2015.

Tai Sui, also known, as Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the Year (or the Year God). He is one of the most highly respected and feared deity in the Chinese beliefs.

Great General Yang Xian is the Tai Sui (or Grand Duke) and year god for the yin, wood, earth Sheep/Goat year. He’s also the one who gives trials to the afflicted Zodiac signs. In 2015, people that are Goat/Sheep, Ox/Cow, Rat and Dog animal signs are in conflict with the Tai-Sui. Some may not understand the implications that are entailed when a zodiac sign is deemed to be in conflict with Tai Sui, resulting in fear and confusion. Unlike conventional thinking however, conflicting with the Annual Year Tai Sui may not be all ominous. Depending on the interpretation, it could foretell “CHANGES” or “MOTIONS” in your life.

Regardless, if you would like to ensure that the year is a smooth and rewarding one, remedial steps can be taken to appease Tai Sui and prevent offense to him.

Tai Sui is particularly sensitive about direct confrontation. Try not to sit facing, or sleep with your head pointing to the direction of Grand Duke Jupiter.

As it is with the Three Killings, Tai Sui also dislikes noise and commotion and being disturbed. Best avoid any construction work and home repairs in the Southwest during 2015.

The traditional Chinese method to appease Tai Sui is to place a Pi Yao or dragon headed tortoise in the northeast sector of the home or office facing the 15º southwest radius where Tai Sui sits.

This is so important this year. Remember also, Tai Sui is very fond of his pet, the Pi Yao. Appease him by placing the Pi Yao in the affected sector or just wear the Pi Yao as an amulet.

You never know when and where you have offended Tai Sui. To play safe, you may carry on you a protective amulet or a sacred talisman from temples, Pi Yao, Tai Sui Image or Tai Sui Mantra.

Sui Po 

Sui Po is located in the Northeast in 2015 (The year breaker)

Sui Po year breaker occupies the division directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, which for 2015 is the northeast. You should treat this area the same as the other annual afflictions with no ground-breaking work, renovations or any noisy activities. If disturbed this area can, and normally will, cause immediate health problems especially for the elderly. If you have to carry out unavoidable work or do emergency repairs in the north place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the buildings and where the work will be carried out.

To disperse the negative effects in 2015, you should also hang a set of six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon. Place a salt water cure in the west and southeast of your home or office this year to control the #5 and #2 stars. This is very important in 2015 especially if you have a main door, bedroom, office, lounge or other important room in the southeast, west, and south.

For those of you who would like to find out your Chinese Horoscope Animal see below:

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