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Sunday 24 September 2017

The Night King Riding Viserion Destroys the Wall

The Night King Riding Viserion Destroys the Wall

In most fictions during epic struggles between good and evil blue light (usually emanating from a weapon such as magical sword or staff) stands for goodness and purity, whereas red light symbolizes evil and all that is bad. In the series Game of Thrones however, the reverse is employed. Blue light (which is the breath of transformed Viserion) stands for death and destruction whereas red stands for blood and life. 

Viserion in the service of Night King

Young Drogo Dragon

In the final two episodes of GOT’s seventh season, we saw the demise of one of the dragons, Viserion, his carcass plunging into the icy depths.

Later still, in the lookout post on the wall we saw Beric and Tormund peer into the distance. 

Then came the highly anticipated and dreaded scene of the dead soldiers marching out of the woods, led by White Walkers on creepy horses.

“Run!” Tormund cries out and we hold our breath.

Suddenly we are startled by the appearance of the dragon, the newly blue-eyed Viserion, flapping badly battered wings. The Night King is riding Viserion, which feels like an affront; so does the uncomfortable sensation of watching the beloved dragon breathing devastating blue flame on the Wall.

The solid wall of ice begins to crumble with great clouds of smoke. 

Truly, the anticipated dread was manifest, when Viserion now in the service of the Night King, decimated the defensive wall that stood as the key stumbling block between the lands of the living and the undead army.

Then came the invading Army of the Dead marching unimpeded south; how many will be turned into white walkers? 

How many of the beloved characters will fall? Ugg. The Long Night will be upon them and us also as we wait with dread and anticipation for the outcome. 

Though there’s been no official word just yet, Game of Thrones Season 8 is currently slated to return in late 2018 or early 2019. Outside of the intriguing internal politics, the romance and the epic wars between the living armies, we also expect to see the dragons pitted against each other and the tragic scenarios’ brother against a brother. Add the elements of surprise to this; it should be an interesting season.

See You Then!