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Monday 13 January 2014

Predictions for 2014 - The Year of the Horse

Predictions for 2014 - The Year of the Horse

The magnificent horse with his strength, agility and tenacity has always been a good servant and companion to men. Used in early transport, for plowing fields, as cavalry, for various sports and for leisure; his numerous qualities will be quite evident during the year of the Horse, 2014. 

Suffice to say the Horse has always been associated with activity and the key feature of this Horse year will be one that favours action and innovation. Whether on the world stage or in the arts, in technology, medicine, electronic media or other spheres of human civilization there will be significant innovations and new advances. 

The political arena will also see some exciting events. Internationally, the focus will be on advancing the current situations and forging some landmark agreements that will bring salvation and hope to troubled regions. Previous Horse years had seen such events: the reunification of East and West Germany following the collapse of the Berlin Wall; the release of Nelson Mandela which resulted in dramatic changes in South Africa; the ending of the First World War in 1918. We can therefore look forward to some significant resolutions to conflicts that had oppressed certain regions in 2014. Middle East and African countries for instance, can expect continued principal changes during the year of the Horse.

The horse year will also witness some lively debate in several countries as governmental and constitutional issues are discussed and new ideas proposed; these could affect national identity and ways of governance. One such example could be the Scottish referendum and its constitutional implications.

Another area of concern is of course is the World Economy. After the austerity and fiscal measures imposed by some governments last year 2014 is poised to have some encouraging results. True enough the budding shoots of recovery, already manifest in some economies, will flourish and grow stronger during the year 2014, with many governments taking continued measures to reduce unemployment and stimulate economic growth.

Horse years favour enterprise and initiative, thus vigorous approaches will result in steady growth in many sectors. Industries that are poised to fare especially well during 2014 are technology, transport, fashion and those industries that are associated with the manufacture of renewable energy.

Now while the economic considerations will take center stage, attention will once again focus on reducing pollution and other environmental concerns in heavily industrialized areas.

It can’t be all good news right? Well here it is: there will unfortunately be some acts of aggression such as it was in prior Horse year of 1990, when the Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait. Fear not, however, such troubles will be short lived as the reaction from the International community will be swift.

Another thing to look out for will be the Weather. Natural forces and the vagaries of world weather patterns will bring about certain disasters. There will also be some apprehension concerning the world’s resources. This would include mounting difficulties in meeting the ever-growing demands and apt compensations for crop failures in disaster struck regions. 

On lighter side of things the Horse year, renowned for its energy, passion and resoluteness of mind, will see tremendous successes in Fine Arts. The stage, screen and music industries will all flourish. Interestingly enough it was in 1894 (Horse year) when Louis Lumiere invented the cinematograph, and again it was a Horse year when Sony made the first Walkman, a device that so drastically transformed the listening habits of the masses. The entertainment industry should enjoy another pioneering episode in 2014. There could be some interesting television series and film releases that will attract a mass following while some influential new figures could emerge on the music scene. Star Trek and the American reality series like The Osbournes, both aired in a Horse year 2002. Movies such as The Lord of The Rings, The Two Towers and Spider-Man had also enjoyed great successes in that year. And let us not forget the fashion industry, for they too will enjoy a certain revival with new trends and styles quickly coming to prominence. A more elegant look could be a feature in 2014.

I won’t be forgiven if I didn’t mention the Sports. Well here it is, The 2014 Winter Olympics and then the World cup in Brazil will be colourful and exciting to say the least. And there are sure to be some spectacular historic moments as new sporting milestones are achieved. It was 60 years ago, in a previous Horse year, when Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile, a record that had made sporting history.

For the individual, too, this is a year for being willing to take that one step further and work towards their goals. With willingness and purpose much can be achieved this year.

A subsequent post will be all about the predictions for Animal signs in 2014.

Till then, I wish you all Good luck in the coming year of the Horse.

The End.