Sunday 23 September 2012

Dragon Talismans

Dragon Talismans

A talisman or an emblem of Dragons, being very much a part of human history, has been traditionally incorporated in coats of arms or other heraldic items by leaders, kings or conquerors.  This is because, as a symbol, Dragons have always been considered the embodiment of great, imposing and terrifying might.

In most Western Civilizations, Britain being one, the Dragon symbol was at one time used as an ensign of war and was regarded also as being symbolic of victory.

Over the years this talisman of might and conquest has evolved to have a more peaceful significance.  Although still considered chiefly an emblem of authority, Dragon talismans are now considered by many to be a fortunate charm, bringing forth longevity, peace and felicity.  Exquisite miniature dragons therefore are carved in wood, stone, jade or metal for sale to be worn or treasured for their auspicious influences. 

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