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Sunday 6 March 2022


The Three Evils

(A Chinese Folktale re-written by BoSt)


Once upon a time, there lived an eccentric young man by the name of Dschou Tschu. He wore a high hat on his head adorned with two pheasants’ wings; his garments were woven of embroidered silk, and at his side hung the Dragon-spring sword.  Orphaned at an early age, he had a wild and mischievous nature which became far worse when he was inebriated. He always  intruded into other's business and any ongoing disputes; meanwhile, wherever he went his pranks and tomfoolery, as well, his inclination to forcefully take that which belonged to others, beget or fostered quarrels and brawls. He was hence, furtively detested throughout the neighborhood and whoever offended him had good reason to dread the ensued terrible consequences. As he was blessed with an extraordinary super-human strength however, the law enforcement officers and the village elders dared not rebuke (reprimand, admonish) or punish him seriously. And so, he’d persisted with his unruly ways for many a year.

Eventually a new Official was posted to that district; before the new magistrate formally took up office however, surreptitiously (covertly and under disguise) he first went about the countryside and listened to the citizen’s complaints. They in unison told him that there were three great evils in that district.

The magistrate still under disguise, decided to in person call on Dschou Tschu.

Late that night when most decent folks were fast asleep, the inebriated Dschou Tschu returned from the tavern, along the way slapping his sword and singing in a loud voice.

When he reached his house he noted the man with his head down seated by the door and asked: “Who are you; why are you weeping here so pitifully?”

The magistrate raised his head and glaring at Dschou, replied: “I am weeping because of the people’s distress.”

Dschou Tschu grimaced then threw his head back and guffawed.

“You are mistaken, my friend,” said he. “Revolt is seething round about us like boiling water in a kettle. But here, in our little corner of the land, all is quiet and peaceful. The harvest has been abundant, corn is plentiful, and all go happily about their work. When you talk to me about distress I have to think of the man who groans without being sick. And who are you, tell me that, which instead of grieving for yourself, are grieving for others? And what are you doing loitering at my door in this ungodly hour?”

“I am the new Magistrate,” replied the other. “Since I left my litter I have been looking about in the neighborhood. I find the people are honest and simple in their way of life, and everyone has sufficient to wear and to eat. This is all just as you state. Yet, strange to say, when the elders come together, they always sigh and complain. And if they are asked why, they answer: ‘There are three great evils in our district!’ I have come to ask you to do away with two of them, as to the third... perhaps I had better remain silent. And this is the reason I weep before your door.”

“Well, what are these evils?” enquired Dschou Tschu. “Speak freely, and tell me openly all that you know!”

“The first evil,” said the Magistrate “is the evil dragon at the long bridge, which causes the water to rise so that man and beast are drowned in the river. The second evil is the tiger with the white forehead, which dwells in the hills. And the third evil, Dschou Tschu—is you!”

The crimson hue, the blush of shame swiftly infused the young man’s cheeks, and he bowed and said: “You have come here from afar to be the Magistrate of this district, and yet you feel such sympathy for the people? I was born in this place and yet I have only made our elders grieve. What sort of a creature must I be? I beg that you  return to your residence; fear not, I will see to it that matters improve!”

Dschou Tschu at once took off and ran all the way without stopping till he reached the hills. There he hunted the tiger out of his cave. The latter leaped into the air so that the whole forest was shaken as though by a storm. Next he came rushing up, roaring, and stretching out his claws savagely to seize his pray. Dschou  nimbly stepped back a pace, and the tiger landed on the ground directly in front of him. Then he thrust the tiger’s neck to the ground with his left hand, and beat him without stopping with his right, until he lay dead on the earth. Dschou  loaded the tiger on his back and went straight home.

Dschou Tschu subsequently went to the long bridge. He undressed, took his sword in his hand, and thus dived into the icy water. No sooner had he disappeared, than there was a boiling and hissing, and the waves began to foam and billow. It sounded like the mad beating of thousands of hoofs. After a time a stream of blood shot up from the depths, and the water of the river turned red. Eventually triumphant Dschou,  holding the dragon’s decapitated head in his hand, rose out of the waves.

He went to the Magistrate and reported, with a bow: “I have cut off the dragon’s head, and have also done away with the tiger. Thus I have happily accomplished your two commands. And now I shall wander away so that you may be rid of the third evil as well. My Lord, please keep watch over my countrymen and, relay to the elders that they need sorrow no more!”

When he had said this he enlisted as a soldier. In combat against the robbers he gained a great reputation and once, when the latter were pressing him hard, and he saw that he could not save himself, he bowed to the East and said: “The day has come at last when I can atone for my sin with my life!” Then he offered his neck to the sword and died.

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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Animal Predictions for 2014 - Year of the Yang Wood Horse (Jia Wu)

Animal Predictions for 2014 

 Year of the Yang Wood Horse (Jia Wu)  

Chinese astrology and western astrology differ in that Chinese astrology is used as a preventive measure. A reader has the sense that armed with this knowledge they can be joyous or cautious. They can rest easy having the tools to now control or amend the course of the forecasted events of the coming year.

2014 Predictions for the Rat

The Rat will have a few ups and downs in 2014, but the good news is that all the work they’ve put in during 2013, with their career and social life in particular, could start to pay off right at the beginning of the Horse year.

In 2014 the Rat’s popularity will soar, however, they should keep in mind that this will not be the greatest of years, as the Rat is in conflict with the Horse. All the same they should utilize their social skills, but only as far as good finances and solid lifestyle allows. They should seize any advantage, as this is a great time for networking with new people and this will also be a great opportunity to foster new friends. Keep in mind that April 2014 should be a good month for socialising. Meanwhile, existing relationships will be strengthened and the Rat will attract more good stuff if they seek and take advice from others, as well as sharing good news with those around them.

This year, the Rat would be wise not to try to go it alone or be too independent for it may lead to certain isolation especially if they do not accept the assistance or companionship available.

The Rat needs to be particularly considerate of their existing friends and family in 2014 as this year can be a great year to spend time with loved ones and to reinforce relationships. 2014 could also be a positive year for a family vacation which the Rat would do well to organise.

The Rat will need to keep an eye out for new opportunities which can help further his/her career in the coming year. All Rats should advance their knowledge and skill during the year in order to put it to good use.

Where risks are concerned, the Rat native would be wise to weigh all the pros and cons before initiating any big decisions in their career, as there is a risk of this backfiring if it is not thought out thoroughly. It’s also advisable to always read the small print and check over terms and conditions. Rats should not exclude good advice from others when in doubt. Because of this the Rat must be diligent in keeping a close eye on their finances throughout the year. Therefore, it is imperative the Rats are thorough with their research when making a big investment and taking out loans. With their increased social life, it would be also wise to save whenever possible. Later on some of these savings could be used to give gifts to loved ones, go on trips and splurge on social events with friends and family. Even then the Rat should exercise caution in their spending spree and, whenever possible, seek out the best possible deals.

There may be stiff competition for the Rat who is seeking a promotion at work in 2014. This is not to say they should forgo a promotion, only that the Rat should be well aware of the opposition and study their strengths and weaknesses in order to gain the advantage over them.

2014 is a fantastic year for the Rat to acquire new skills and to further their education. It can really be of benefit to them if they are so motivated. Some plans may go awry or be replaced entirely with new opportunities that can actually work out to the Rat’s advantage in the end.

In summary; 2014 will be a good year for the Rat to build relations and to seize good opportunities provided they keep their wits about them, focus on what really matters in life and always read the small print before signing. This year can also be a good one for relationships for the Rat provided they follow this advice: With the hectic schedule of studies and socialising in 2014 the Rat should reserve some time for their significant other, as there is a risk of overworking and becoming too self- absorbed therefore, through negligence, causing the relationship to dissipate. Alternatively, the relationship will be strengthened if they are allowed to share in Rat’s increased social life. The forecast for single Rats meanwhile is; they are poised to attract good relationships.

As a Rat you are in affinity with the Ox. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of an Ox with you at all times throughout the year in 2014.

2014 Predictions for the Ox

2014 will be an eventful year for the Ox. In order to derive full benefit of the available opportunities however, they need to be both flexible and readily accommodating to all the changes right from the start of the New Year.

Career opportunities will be good and with the furthering of their career they’ll have an increased income. There are ample opportunities throughout 2014 for the Oxen that are seeking a change in their vocation. The only requisite would be that they seek a position that they are qualified for, otherwise this could easily backfire on them.

The forecast for the overall finances will be good for the Ox so long as they are careful with their spending and investments. Also they do need to be thorough with the terms and conditions and seek professional advice when making sizeable purchases if they wish to avoid the risk of unforeseen problems or hefty financial loss.

Oxen should keep an eye on their health this year: stress levels should be managed, exhaustion avoided, and they should be on the lookout for minor illnesses that could take their toll on them. This being said, the Ox needs to stay as active as possible in the year of the Horse. Good health could be maintained by joining a gym, adopting a moderate (regular) workout routine such as walking, cycling or jogging. A sensible diet is also an important factor in achieving a good state of fitness; the occasional fast food meal is forgiven so long as they, on average, consume healthy food.

Social life for the Ox will be particularly good this year. Increased social events shared with comrades will help strengthen bonds of friendship at present and also in the future. There will be many memorable moments to be had in 2014 and these lasting memories could bring unending joy for the Ox in years to come. Some commemorative parties and celebrations will be in order to enumerate their successes either at home or at work. Keep up with the championship of excellence and reap the plentiful rewards. The Ox should remember to reserve some time to themselves so as not to tire too much and therefore become susceptible to illness.

Family vacations will also be most beneficial in 2014 for all.

Romances are not the greatest for the Ox in the year of the Horse although this does not mean that there will be no chance of finding new relationships or strengthening existing ones. Relations of the heart will require some diligence in 2014 and the Ox will need to stay committed to making this work if they wish to perpetuate the good rapport. If they are in a long term relationship with someone, it would be a good idea to take a romantic trip in 2014 although only if they can afford it.

Overall the year of the Horse will be a successful one for the Ox. Oxen are in affinity with the Rat; for their protection, therefore, they should have a key chain pendant of a Rat with them at all times throughout the year.

2014 Predictions for the Tiger

The year of the Horse will be a very fortunate year for the Tiger and they will achieve plenty in 2014. Tigers ending the year of the Snake with problems need not worry as it will be short lived and the Tiger’s luck should turn for the better as the year of the Horse progresses. The Tiger should expend more effort into their actions during the year, however, to achieve greater success. Any and all effort will be beneficial in the long run.

Tigers looking for new employment should be well prepared for the interview and during the course of it strive to create a strong impression in order to outpace all their competition. Good news; career opportunities for the Tiger will be excellent this year and there are even predictions of them climbing the corporate ladder and achieving new connections with important people that will be instrumental in furthering their future goals. As it is the Tiger may have noticed that those in higher positions in their work have already begun placing their trust in them and assigning them more responsibility. Tigers should seize this opportunity to acquire new skills and to furthering their education. New opportunities should bring about an increased income for the Tiger in 2014. An employer’s trust in the Tiger would translate into an increased salary and a good fiscal year for the Tiger. Additionally there could be added unexpected sums of money as well down the road in the form of a gift, lottery win or other windfall. Use caution however and don’t rush out and purchase tons of lottery tickets, better to reserve those funds for practical use throughout the year.

Hobbies and new skills will be beneficial to the Tiger during the year of the Horse, particularly if they are interested in sports or fitness. The only thing is that they need to stay committed to derive greater benefits and increased levels of fitness.

The Tigers social life will be quite active throughout the year and can be a great way to celebrate their new business opportunities with friends and loved ones. The year of the Horse is a great time for the Tiger to enjoy what they already have in their life and that also includes their spouse or partners. Romance is looking very good for the Tiger in 2014 and they will have many opportunities to strengthen romantic bonds with their loved one. To enhance romance and career in 2014, they should introduce some water colours like shades of blue, black, grey in the centre of home or office. These could be in the form of an accent piece such as a doormat, rug, cushion cover, sofa throw, curtains etc.

Single Tigers will also see a rise in interest from the opposite sex this year.

Overall, the year of the Horse is a very favourable year for the Tiger and they can accomplish a great deal this year. Tigers are in affinity with the Pig/Boar. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Pig with them.

2014 Predictions for the Rabbit

The year of the Horse will be a good one for the Rabbit with many career opportunities and exciting times ahead. Their social life will be filled with numerous events which provide them with the opportunity to make new acquaintances and important connections especially in the financial sector. The Rabbit has many skills and they will be sought after for favours during the year of the Horse. Consequently, there will be many social events for the Rabbit and there are predictions that the Rabbits would do rather well if they are organising any events this year. The only drawback is that they may get bit flustered at times with the fast paced, abundant activity of 2014.

Career opportunities are quite favorable for the Rabbit in 2014 and typically, during the course of the year the workload could get bit too hectic for the Rabbit to handle. They should persevere, for there is a light at end of tunnel.

Then there will be those times when it will be best to abandon the slow steady pace of work for the sake of speed in order to derive full benefit from a current situation. Overall the Rabbit should shy away from overworking, however, as this could cause a lot of undue stress.

Good fortune will smile on Rabbits that are unsatisfied in their current positions and are seeking new employment. Key opportunities will be made available for that ideal vocation during the Horse year; however the Rabbit needs to stay finely honed in his/her job hunt for assured success.

The Rabbit’s new career opportunities and rise in income could entice them to compulsive spending. A note of caution is warranted, therefore, in order for the Rabbit to remain financially stable.

The elevated social status with its associated demands and risks could see the money leaving as soon as it manifests. Therefore Rabbits need to manage their spending well and know their limits, especially during key social events, in order to avoid any undue debts.

The forecast for Romance is good for the Rabbits, especially the single Rabbits, what with their increased social status. Rabbits that are already in a serious relationship should be wary and avoid harmless flirting however, to avoid unwarranted problems in 2014. Meanwhile, there will be many opportunities for the married Rabbit to share moments with their loved one and it would be a good idea to spend lots of time together whenever possible to strengthen existing bonds.

The Rabbit’s home life meanwhile will be rather peaceful and relaxed one this year although they will need to make sure that everyone at home has input to the important decisions as ignoring this could cause problems. Furthermore, Rabbits need to spend a lot of quality time sharing family activities such as a day excursion, a short jaunt or a simple movie night at home.

In summary, the year of the Horse is a promising one for the Rabbit but they will need to keep an eye on their spending and be sure not to tire themselves out from the stress of added work and too many social events. This said; they should enjoy a fantastic year of the Horse.

Rabbits are in affinity with the Dog. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Dog.

2014 Predictions for the Dragon

The year of the Horse can be a propitious one for the Dragon provided they are careful and avoid taking too many risks. There will be some aspects of the Dragon’s life that will be harder but, with some determination and perseverance, they should fare well and make the year of the Horse a successful and satisfactory one.

The Career of the Dragon has predictions of growth in the workplace and this opportunity could manifest from a colleague or an associate vacating their position. In addition, there could be a lot of new projects in the workplace that could provide the Dragon with more recognition and greater trust by the senior staff. Overall the year of the Horse should be considered a year of persistence and progress through small steps. Dragons should avoid haste, as recklessness and imprudence could trigger problems for them in 2014. Should any Dragon take shortcuts or risks or ignore the guidelines, problems will be certain to manifest. The Horse year, after all, calls for meticulous attentiveness. Dragons seeking a new position or work during the year of the Horse could face challenges. It could be a tricky process but their innate fortitude and skills could go a long way to impressing their future employer and securing that ideal job.

March, May July and October could see some encouraging developments, but the determined Dragon can benefit from opportunities at almost any other time of the year as well.

Progress at work can help the dragon’s financial position too, although they may find that their expenditures are quite high this year; therefore, they should strive to eliminate unnecessary expenses where possible. Even though Dragon’s outgoings will be considerable, they could fare well in some important transactions. Faced with the possibility of large acquisitions, a Dragon should shop around and seek an appropriate advice to secure the best value. At any rate, the Dragon’s natural aptitude for budgeting and saving should benefit them. Likewise with travel plans; by planning ahead and investigating options Dragons could profit from some particularly attractive offers. But while they may enjoy some luck in financial matters this year, Dragon should not tempt fate by taking unnecessary chances or ignoring the fine print. At the risk of being redundant; the Dragon should remember that this is not a year for diving head long into financial decisions; vigilance is warranted, especially when checking out terms and conditions, before signing any contracts.

In 2014, the Dragon’s social life will be improved. Many enjoyable moments with friends and family are in the forecast for the Dragon and, as for this partygoer and keen socialiser; this can be a boost and an electrifying time. April, May, September and December could see the most activity. There are also predictions of new people entering the Dragon’s life during the year of the Horse and some of these can even lead to lasting relationships. Just be mindful to keep an eye on the expenditures.

When at work, Dragons should sit with their backs to the North or they may find unscrupulous people working against them or encounter undue gossip and back stabbing during the year. There is also a possibility of disturbing news in the year of the Horse. At such instance the Dragons should first check out the facts for themselves rather than take it at face value and fly off the handle. Better that the Dragon be composed and avoid emotional upset, for it will pass fairly quickly.

Another thing to remember is that when encountering such problems or dilemmas rather than keep it all in the Dragon should confide in people he trusts. Sometimes worries could easily be dispelled or certain concerns prove groundless; as well, a worry shared is often a worry halved.

This requirement for openness also applies to Dragon’s home life. With the Dragon and their household in general leading a busy life this year there should be a good liaison and co-operation, greater understanding and assistance particularly at those hectic times. Good communications are paramount as well; the Dragon should curb his independent tendencies and eschew going it alone. Another smart thing to do, is to apportion the practical projects during the course of year leaving ample room for preparation so as to obtain the desired satisfactory results. While the Dragon’s domestic life will be generally good, but busy, it will also contain few interesting quirks and oddities, leading the way for many fun family times.

Romance is looking promising for the Dragon although they will have to work on their communication skills with their partner for their relationship to thrive. This is not something to worry about but is just more of a way to strengthen their relationship.

For the unattached Dragons they should see important and promising developments during 2014, although circumstances may not always make things easy. With care and time new relationship can often become meaningful.

If it can be managed Dragons should aim to preserve some quality time for their own interests as well as give some consideration to their general lifestyle. Personal interests and hobbies can be a good way to relax as well as provide the Dragon with an outlet for his talents and ideas. Dragons can also achieve good health by keeping an eye on their diet and by getting plenty of exercise. Adapting a well balanced and nutritious diet could go a long way to providing them with high energy levels. They must remember to keep active.

Dragons need to exercise caution during the months of April & June 2014, especially if they are not in good health or very stressed. Meanwhile whether at home or in the office, Dragons should be wary of the North direction and remember not to have any ground breaking work, renovations or any noisy activities there. If disturbed, this area can, and normally will, cause immediate health problems especially for the elderly. If the Dragon can’t get out of doing some emergency repairs then they should place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between their building and the location where the work is to be carried out.

Overall, the year of the Horse should be a steady paced year for the Dragon but they can achieve a great deal by taking it easy. They must remember to remain vigilant for risks and carelessness which could cause problems. Fortunately, though, the Dragon is perceptive and his firm resolve will enable him to gain a lot from this full and interesting year.

Dragons are in affinity with the Rooster. For good fortune they should keep a key chain pendant of a Rooster on them.

2014 Predictions for the Snake

The year of the Horse can be a mixed year for the Snake. The fast paced Horse year can sometimes rattle the pace of the Snake and cause them to feel isolated from everything going on around them. Even though this year may not be the greatest in every aspect, still it does not mean that there will not be some successes for the Snake throughout 2014.

The career sector could see the Snake making fair progress throughout the year. Snakes should be mindful however and not spend too much time only on one project, for the fast paced Horse year could swell the other work that had been set aside or ignored. There will be opportunities for the Snake to further their skills in 2014 and they should note that, because of the Snake’s valued input, senior workers that are in higher positions are starting to place a lot more trust in them.

Snakes that are looking to change jobs or are currently unemployed and looking will need to keep up with the fast pace of the Horse year, as they may find a job one day only to discover it has gone the subsequent day. Snakes looking for employment fare better if they detail their many skills and experience in their portfolio in order to impress their potential future employers.

The Snakes finances will be good in 2014; moreover, they should be able to save a fare amount of money this year, provided they are budget conscious and not rush in to any big acquisitions. The Snake’s tendency would be to see something and want it but this year would be better for them if they spent some time researching for the best price and checking over the terms and conditions.

Horse year being so fast paced however, the Snake needs to take some time off to relax and perhaps go on that well deserved vacation. If the Snake is working too hard in 2014, they may be prone to minor illnesses like the common cold. In addition the Snake needs to keep an eye on their diet.

Social life is also good for the Snake in the year of the horse. The Snake should not abort an event because of limited funds; the thing for the Snake to do is to budget their spending and have fun, meet a lot of new people and really get some beneficial results.

Home life for the Snake is promising this year. They should try to spend as much time as possible with loved ones this year as this will help them build a strong bond with each other. Romance and relationships will require some care during the year of the Horse. The Snake may find that arguments are on the rise in 2014, chiefly due to minor things. In that instance it would be advisable for the Snake to remain calm and avoid saying anything that they may later regret, as this could have a long term effect on the relationship. They should try to be the bigger person and diffuse the situation without upsetting each other.

Single Snakes may not have the best of luck this year for finding a partner but they should still notice an increase in interest from the opposite sex although these relations may be short lived if they rush things.

Snakes are in affinity with the Monkey. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Monkey.

2014 Predictions for the Horse

This year will be a very memorable one for the Horse and they will be able to accomplish a great deal in 2014. However the Horse must not take others’ good nature for granted as there is a possibility of problems arising later still when those very people throw these presumptions back into the Horse’s face.

The career for the Horse will be very good this year. In 2014 they will receive recognition and accolades for their previous hard work and dedication in the workplace. There are strong possibilities also of promotion for the Horse. This may mean advancement to a few levels up from their current position, creating a big financial gain in their income.

Horses that are unsatisfied in their current position or those that are unemployed and seeking work could really benefit from the luck of the Horse year backing them. By being proactive in seeking a job and pursuing openings in good companies the Horse could land a really good contract of employment in 2014. This will gain them greater opportunities during this year and the subsequent years to continue to work on their skills and make the most of their potential.

On the whole, the forecast for finances is very good for the Horse in 2014. They should see a sizeable sum of money accrued by the end of the year mainly due to their higher income and position in the workplace. The Horse can also be highly successful in investments and with purchases in 2014. If they are ever unsure about their investments it would be prudent to consult with a professional. The Horse’s finances could be adversely affected if they are in a rush with their acquisitions; therefore they should always evaluate prices, shop around and weigh the pros and cons before purchasing expensive items or make large investments.

A good place to spend those extra funds on this year would be a vacation. The destination could be anywhere around the world or simply within the local vicinity. The Horse need not spend a fortune on a trip; any place of interest would suffice. It would also be beneficial for the Horse to take their partner or loved ones along on vacation, as this will fortify and reinvigorate their bond. The Horse’s home life will be good this year. They should also see many opportunities throughout 2014 for self improvement and attaining life experience. It will be a busy but an enjoyable year for the Horse and one where they can accomplish plenty and absorb all that the world has to offer.

In 2014 Horse needs to pay particular attention to their general well-being by adapting a healthier lifestyle and maintaining an adequate level of fitness through exercise.

This year romance is very good for the Horse and their social life will also be very rewarding. The Horse native will have many occasions to spend time with friends and loved ones over the year which will help bolster relationships. The single Horse will find a great deal of attention forthcoming from the opposite sex. The important thing for the Horse to remember is to be grateful and express proper appreciation for everything others do for them. The Horse will have many opportunities to meet new people during the numerous social events in 2014 and some of these people could be quite important.

Horses are in affinity with the Sheep/Goat. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Goat.

Overall, 2014 will be a very pleasant and enjoyable year for the Horse with plenty to do and much to learn. Have a fantastic year.

2014 Predictions for the Sheep/Goat

The year of the Horse holds many opportunities for the Sheep/Goat in 2014. This will be a year where they have the option of making this either a very satisfying and an exciting year or a tranquil, comfortable and hassle-free one.

The career forecast for the Sheep/Goat Career is a particularly good and a rewarding one. All will go rather smoothly for the Sheep/Goat in 2014 provided they are able to take on a lot more responsibility by using their previous years’ experiences. The year of the Horse is also a good time to set plans in motion by adapting a more authoritative stance towards their career. Sheep/Goats who are looking to change their career path or seek employment should find that their search will avail them many options that they have never before considered. This could go rather well for the Sheep/Goat that are motivated and are up for the challenge.

Home life will require a fair bit of organization and planning this year in terms of getting things done. The Sheep/Goat will have the opportunity to do a lot of do it yourself fixes in the home during 2014 and, if successful, they will be rewarded with ample savings.

There will be many enjoyable family times both at home or outside for the Sheep/Goat this year, therefore they should organize as many Family functions or trips as possible. On the down side there is a risk of conflict within the family for the Goat in 2014. This could cause problems if it is not addressed early on in the year. The best thing to do is to try talking to each other and resolve any differences that you may have.

Romance will be very an enjoyable aspect of the Sheep/Goat’s life during the year of the Horse. It can further strengthen relationship ties that will be everlasting. Increased social activity could take a lot of Sheep/Goat’s time and attention, so it is best they include their partner along whenever possible.

Single Sheep/Goats looking for a relationship should find it very easy to find new romance this year and there is also the possibility of this becoming a lifelong relationship.

As we mentioned earlier, the social life of Sheep/Goat will be the key focal point all during the year of the Horse and this can avail the Sheep/Goat a significant amount of opportunities to meet new people and experience new things. The Sheep/Goat’s innate understanding and helpful manner will help them to really connect with different people over the year and they will derive definite benefits from their increased social calendar. Often they will find themselves helping others and this will provide the Sheep/Goat infinite joy. Go ahead, share the joy with others by offering advice or lending a helping hand to further augment this great feeling and make it last. Moreover, the karmic law will return the favour in the future.

How the year of the Horse is played out is entirely up to the Sheep/Goat. If they are after success and wealth, they should work as hard as possible and attain what they want out of the year but they can also take the year at an easy, nice pace and enjoy the things in life that they may not have previously had the time for.

Sheep/Goats are in affinity with the Horse. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Horse.

2014 Predictions for the Monkey

The motivated Monkey will want to make the most of the year of the Horse and, fortunately for them, some career aspects to excel in are at hand. There may not be any promotions for the Monkey in 2014 though that doesn’t mean that they will not be able to take on new responsibilities that will be carry their own reward. Then there are the risks of overworking themselves in 2014 or deceiving themselves into thinking that they are doing far better than they actually are. Meanwhile, the Monkey will gain ample opportunity to shine from immediately perceiving changes in their company and adapting to them far quicker than their colleagues will. Keep in mind however; the Monkey must not set their expectations too high in 2014, such as setting their sights on becoming CEO of the company, while overlooking or dismissing the true value of the personal growth they have already attained.

For those Monkeys looking to change their career or seeking employment in 2014; this is a year that holds the potential of kick-starting a whole new vocation for them. Getting a job will be very easy for the Monkey, however they would be wise to first take a stock of their abilities and make certain the position they seek is what they want. Monkeys should also be prepared to deliberate on career options previously not considered.

Finances are good for the Monkey in 2014 and they could possible see a bonus coming their way in the year of the Horse. Money could also come by way of a lottery winning. This does not mean, however, that they should rush out and spend thousands on lottery tickets as the return may not be as high as anticipated. I’ll risk reiteration and repeat: the Monkey should not be setting their sights too high in 2014 and forsaking reality. Similarly, when making expensive purchases in 2014 the Monkey must not rush into it, as there is a risk of paying too.

The Monkeys’ health on the whole will good, although they should keep an eye on their diet during the Horse year and try to get some exercise whenever possible in order to stay fit, particularly in the colder months. Travel is a good idea for the Monkey this year as they could gain a lot of insight through taking time out to relax and think about their life.

Home life will also be good for the Monkey. There will be many opportunities for the Monkey to enjoy social events, to spend quality time with existing or new friends and loved ones and the Monkey is sure to get ample pleasure from all of this. A word of caution, however, during the year of the Horse their social life will require a bit of care, as there is a risk of upsetting others. Meanwhile it would be to the Monkey’s advantage to place their confidence in others concerning problems and to reciprocate vice versa, as this will greatly benefit them.

Romance is looking good for the Monkey in 2014 and there will be plenty of loving moments shared with loved ones throughout the year. Mutual plans with their partner will be very beneficial to the Monkey this year as this could further strengthen the existing bonds. For single Monkeys, this can be a time of new love and the Monkey would do well to get out there and look for a partner, although they will need to be very open with them, for the new found relationship to progress.

Monkeys are in affinity with the Snake. For their protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Snake.

2014  Predictions for the Rooster

The Rooster’s amazing organisational skills will be beneficial in the year of the Horse. A great way for the Rooster to advance this year would be to write a wish list of what they hope to achieve during the year and follow it, check back on the list regularly, and perhaps add to it.

Career aspects for the Rooster will be good in 2014. Roosters that are fully prepared for any contingencies and any required modifications for the year ahead will advance a lot further than can be imagined. For Roosters seeking to be employed or simply looking to change their profession this may prove to be a challenging year and they need to apply themselves 100% to get the desired results.

The rooster likes to prepare for everything beforehand and this is a good thing. However, the Horse year being fast paced. The Rooster, on occasion, may be caught off guard. The thing they must do then would be to act with the impulse and swiftly seize the opportunity as this will turn out quite well in the end.

Ultimately throughout 2014 there will be a great deal no end to progress for the Rooster and the subsequent climb of the social ladder will augment their gladness. Correspondingly the Rooster’s social life will thrive and they will see many opportunities to attended events and spend time with friends and loved ones throughout the Horse year. One key recommendation would be to step away from jealous feelings and arguments during this year, as there is a risk of these causing problems for the Rooster. Finally; a positive attitude and becoming the bigger person will save the Rooster a lot of grief.

Finance is an area that warrants caution. The Rooster needs to keep a close eye on their expenses as debts could easily accrue during the year of the Horse. It is also a good idea for the Rooster to always check over terms and conditions carefully and make sure that what they are signing up for is a to their advantage. If they are able to closely monitor their outgoings they should do rather well with finances this year

Home life is good for the Rooster in 2014. There will be many opportunities to engage in family fun activities and create some really memorable moments. The Rooster’s hobbies and interests will come to light this year and many activities they partake of will be gratifyingly pleasurable. It would be wise for the Rooster not to take on too much work at home, however, as they could tire themselves out. They must learn to delegate chores.

Romance will be favorable for the Rooster although they will have to avoid feeling jealous if possible and also remain well composed at moments of stress and anger as this could quickly dissolve a strong relationship. The best thing for the Rooster to do in 2014 with regards to a relationship is to fill their time together with loving affection and good experiences to avoid any arguments. Single Roosters looking for love should be able to attract attention from the opposite sex but they will need to maintain a very nonchalant attitude with their new partner if they are to succeed.

Roosters are in affinity with the Dragon. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Dragon.

2014 Predictions for the Dog

The Dog has acquired ample learning and experience in the last few years and this will become evident in their actions, manners and performance all during the year of the Horse. 2014 is poised therefore to be an extremely satisfactory and proactive year for the Dog where they can achieve a great deal with ease. It will come with many gratifying rewards, both emotionally and physically.

The forecast for the Dog’s career is also good with lots of great opportunities coming to them throughout the year. Dogs seeking a career change or Dogs looking for employment in the year of the Horse should see a great deal of progress in their search, which may be long overdue. Meanwhile, it would be beneficial for the Dog to broaden their horizons in their search for work as something they may have previously overlooked, or never considered, could turn out to be a really promising position for the Dog’s career.

Employed Dogs will have a great deal of progress in terms of growth and gains in their respective jobs. The Dogs commitment in the work place will be well valued this year. They will make a lot of advancements by reaching new levels in their position and in due course securing a lot of respect from higher members of staff.

Due to the Dog’s efforts at work they will enjoy a good income and therefore have accrued funds at their disposal for future events and goals. Even so, it would be wise for the Dog to try and reduce the outlays as much as possible this year in order to help maximise savings for big purchases and renovations throughout 2014.

The home life for the Dog will be very good in 2014, although they should look in to updating their security system during the year of the Horse as there is risk of theft. It’s also imperative that Dogs take good care of their health, get plenty of exercise and keep a close eye on their diet during all of 2014.

Social life will be good and there will be many times where, swamped with plans, Dogs will have to decide on which to pursue. Dogs will make a lot of new acquaintances in 2014 and, owing to the Dog’s faithful nature, some of these can become a long-lasting intimate relationships. Single Dogs will attract many new partners this year and this could be an ideal time for settling down with someone special. Dogs already in a relationship will go through the year fairly trouble free with little arguments or problems. Meanwhile romance will flourish and both single and spoken-for Dogs will enjoy many beautiful moments. The year of the Horse can also be an excellent time for the Dog to travel and see the world. What better way than, if budgeted for, for the Dog to take along their loved ones on a trip in order to further boost their relationship.

Dogs are in affinity with the Rabbit. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Rabbit.

2014 Predictions for the Pig

The Pig will do extremely well during the year of the Horse and enjoy ample great moments and opportunities to further themselves. This can be a very fruitful and rewarding year for the Pig with many accomplishments and various beneficial connections in the forecast.

Suffice it to say, career aspects will be very propitious for the Pig and 2014 will be a year where the Pig will find it very easy to gain skills and knowledge in the work place. The Pig should seize any opportunities made available to them, as it would propel their career to the next level for still greater advantage. For Pigs looking to change career or Pigs looking for work, the year of the Horse brings great many opportunities and, through the Pigs vast range of skills and good business sense, they should do very well in securing a lucrative position with a very good company.

Home life will be good for the Pig throughout the year of the Horse but there are a few things that the Pig will need to do to make the most of the year. All through 2014, Pig must reserve some time out for themselves; making sure that they get plenty of rest and relaxation in order to contemplate what they want out of this year and also in life. There is a risk of neglecting their own personal health, so it would be wiser for the Pig to keep a steady eye on their diet and get plenty of exercise.

Family members will sometimes seek advice from the Pig in 2014 and the Pig will do well to land a hand and their invaluable assistance to friends and family.

Finances will be good for the Pig in 2014 although they will need to be somewhat strict on their spending as there is risk of them overspending a lot of money fast. If the Pig is able to budget their spending and curb unnecessary expenses throughout the year they should do rather well. Pigs must check over contracts carefully during the year of the Horse as this could be the source of money going out fast with high interest rates or something similar.

Social life is particularly favorably for the Pig in 2014 and this can be a very good year for acquiring new acquaintances and establishing new business connections to augment the Pigs’ standing and financial interests during the subsequent years. There will be many great social events all during 2014 for the Pig and these could prove to be the most memorable times; therefore, Pigs should embrace any new activities, have a fantastic time, and enjoy fully what comes their way.

Romance is looking extremely hopeful for the Pig during the year of the Horse and this is looking to be a year of great success for single Pigs that are on the lookout for love. This could be a great year for the Pig to find their soul-mate and really bond with that person. There will be strong Peach Blossom luck for the Pig this year and this will give them some great opportunities for finding new love. Those single Pigs that strike out with their new found love, should take heart in knowing that there will be plenty more opportunities around the corner. All in all, Pigs in a relationship should see a very good year ahead and one where they will be able to cure any previous problems and thrive this year.

Pigs are in affinity with the Tiger. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Tiger.

Good Luck to you All

Friday 15 February 2013

2013- The Year of the Water Snake Horoscopes

2013- Year of the Water Snake Horoscopes
On February 10th 2013 (year 4711 in the Chinese calendar) we entered the year of the Yin Water Snake (Gui Si). The last time we had a Yin Water Snake year was back in 1953 and this is the cycle of 60 years which will be found in a traditional “ten thousand year” calendar.

General Predictions for 2013: the Year of the Water Snake
The year of the water Snake will be another year of variation, for the Snake year normally brings good and bad consequences as well as new power structures in various countries.
Once more there will be many transformations in the Middle East. New regimes in some areas will initially seem very good but there is long struggle ahead to cement these advancements for the better.
Regrettably 2013 will mean that finances will be tight again and the slightest problems could bring stock markets the world over tumbling down. 
2013 could be a year of conflict for people born in the year of the Tiger or the Pig, particularly those aged 66, born in the year of the Earth Tiger, 1938. If this is you, in this year of the Snake look after your health and do not overexert yourself.

Predictions for the Rat in 2013
The year of the Snake, starting on the 10th of Feb. 2013, should be another positive year for the Rat.  Rats will find that things in their career and business will go rather well this year. There is also a good chance for promotion throughout the year. However, they should guard against being overconfident and slack off or be remiss in their efforts, as Rats still have to work for their benefits. Rats that are looking for employment in 2013 may find that their luck will take a turn for the better as long as they are persistent and are affable when dealing with future employers.
For the Rat 2013 should be deemed as the year of saving for future pay offs. Naturally, you can still treat yourself in 2013 but try to resist over-extravagant ventures, the fancy car on finance or expensive jewellery, unless it is well within your means. Also remember to check the terms and conditions of any contract or legal documents before signing it in this year.
Rats, being quite active, need to stay as healthy and fit as possible throughout 2013. This could be achieved by reserving some time for relaxation and adapting a good regimen of healthy exercise and a proper, nutritious diet.  Rats born in 1972 should take a steady approach in 2013 and should remember to take a break whenever possible throughout the year. A regular respite is important as stress can be an issue this year along with some depression. Whatever is on your mind right now however, know that it will pass and you are on or soon will be on the right path. Meanwhile enjoy your year and remember things are not as bad as you think; leave a little leeway on your side, too. If you don’t know what I am talking about you will soon.
With their outgoing and curious nature, Rats can look forward to some enjoyable social occasions this year.  It will be a productive year for the Rat native and they should also spend a lot of time in planning and character building. The Rat will find that they have the ability to set a good foundation and get far in 2013 if they reserve some time to securing their future. Younger Rats born in 1996 should allocate as much time as possible to studying, as the amount of effort expanded now will benefit them in later life.
 Remember; March, May, August and December could be particularly active months. In April Rats could see some interesting developments but, as a rule, the second half of the year starting with mid-September to early December will be more positive time for them.
The Rat’s home life is important and during the year they will come to value the support and advice of those around them.  They need only to be more communicative, more open and attentive and be mindful of the feelings of those closest to them.   When under pressure or making what could be an important decision, the insights of their loved ones will be both reassuring and invaluable.  Domestically the year favors good planning, that is: setting aside time for mutual interests and special occasions. The closing months of the year could see some additional travel opportunities and memorable, joyous family occasions.
Single Rats, especially those born in 1948, can expect steady times for romance this year and can even expect wedding plans. If the Rat is married or committed, they should be prepared to spend a lot of time with their partner throughout this year and show affection when needed. Make lots of time to spoil them.
Overall, for the Rat, 2013 will be a great year but they must be careful with finances and do not splurge with their spending unless they are certain that it will be well reciprocated or is a good deal. The Rat must always make sure to read the small print. Keep in mind that this year favours carefully considered actions instead of haste.
As a Rat you are in affinity with the Ox. For protection, have a key chain pendant of an Ox with you at all times throughout the year of 2013.

Predictions for the Ox in 2013
2013 is to be a year of progress and fresh start for the Ox, with much advancement in the workplace and with relationships. With regards to employment many Oxen will find that they are progressing well in 2013 and there is a great chance of advancement in the workplace this year.  Oxen can expect good news in 2013 but they must be careful with paperwork and work matters throughout the year. Oxen born in 1985 must try to make the most of the situation when given the chance to prove themselves, as this will pay off. This will also be a great year for the Ox to learn new skills, especially young Oxen born in 1997.  Money luck will be good. This year will also be a good year to finance hobbies able to do so but please be sure to avoid impulse purchases as the Ox still needs to be save for bills and financial commitments and, of course, for the great social year awaiting them. In particular, Oxen will find themselves climbing the social ladder this year, especially with work related events and groups of new friends. Please be careful with spending in 2013 as the increase in social events can lead to overspending. Only spend what you can afford.
 Indeed, 2013 offers good opportunities for the Ox, who can expect new relationships and even a rekindling of existing ones. With an increased social life in 2012, it is imperative to find a good balance between home and social life. Be careful not to neglect loved ones and make sure to spend a lot of time with close and extended family as well as friends all throughout the year. The year will be busy but leave some time for play and make sure you take plenty of rest.
Your busy lifestyle can cause your diet to go a bit wild in 2013 so please make sure to eat sensibly, including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Get plenty of exercise throughout the year.
It may be a mixed year but whatever has been unresolved in the last few years will come to a head in 2013 and I’m sure you will like the news.
As an Ox you are in affinity with the Rat. For protection have a key chain pendant of a Rat with you at all times throughout the year.

Predictions for the Tiger  in 2013
The Snake year can slow down the Tiger’s progress during 2013 but they should not let this deter them as this year can still be very rewarding one if the Tiger knows what to expect and plan for the year ahead. All the same, Tigers should start 2013 with a steady approach and not jump in to any big projects or expenses.
If the Tiger is looking to advance in their career it would be a good idea to consider all the different options that are available in the workplace as this will help to learn new skills and, by taking on new projects, prove yourself at work. Moreover, it will set the foundations for the upcoming years as this will work to Tiger’s advantage later on in the year or during the early months of 2014. Young Earth Tigers born 1998 should spend the time studying throughout the year as this will greatly benefit them in the next few years!
For Tigers seeking employment, be sure to keep your head up, as great things will come to those who wait. Keep in mind also that it may seem very hard finding work during this year but there are a lot of new employment opportunities waiting just around the bend for the Tiger native.
For Tigers that are in a relationship or ones that are married, they need to spend lot of time with the family and friends. Their social calendar should be very full in 2013 despite the risk of personality clashes in this year.  During such times Tigers must be prepared to keep the peace.
Single Tigers will discover new love in the most unexpected of places during 2013. Its best to try avoiding arguments or disagreements in order to ensure a long lasting relationship with any potential new romances. Also, the Tiger must be sure to take things slow and not jump straight into a relationship in 2013 as this could burn out quite fast if they mix arguments and quick commitment.
Tigers born in 1950 should make time to relax and spend time on their hobbies in 2013 as this can bring a great deal of pleasure to the Metal Tiger this year.
The Tiger is in affinity with the Pig/Boar. For protection, be sure to carry a key chain pendant of a Pig.

Predictions For the Rabbit/Hare in 2013
This is a great year and a time for advancement in a lot of aspects in the Rabbit’s life. It is a good year for learning and self-development as the Rabbit will find study and learning a lot easier to take in, especially Rabbits born in 1999. This is therefore the perfect time to learn new skills, acquire hobbies and take exams as it can lead to a change in career that the Rabbit will benefit from.
In the workplace the employer may be putting a lot more trust in the Rabbit; there is also a lot of luck on their side should they wish to change careers. Expectantly, finances will be good, particularly if a promotion comes their way. For advance at work, March, May, June and November are the best months to go for a new position. Money luck is very good for the Rabbit this year. When making big purchases comparison shop so as not to waste money. The Rabbit will notice a great deal of social events over the year with a lot of chances to meet new people, especially during April and August. The Rabbit’s rise in social interaction will help single Rabbits tremendously in finding new love; these new relationships will have strong chances of being long lasting.
Those Rabbits in relationships or married will enjoy a great home life with their partner and family with a happy and home throughout the year. 2013 has the opportunity to be a great year for the Rabbit. Rabbits born in 1963 should take action this year with anything they wish to achieve.
You are in affinity with the Dog. For protection, have a key chain pendant of a Dog.

Predictions for the Dragon in 2013
The fortunate Dragon has another good year to look forward to in 2013.  If the Dragon native is keen to do well in 2013, and initiate plans fairly early in the year, then they can get a great deal accomplished. There will be many opportunities for the Dragon to work their way up in their profession this year and this has the possibility of big advancements in the work place especially if they are able to act on their ideas and plan well. There is the possibility that doors they thought had closed a long time ago will open. The most important thing for the Dragon to remember is do not overlook the small print of any offer and spot a good opportunity when it arrives.
Dragons seeking work should look forward to opportunities to secure a good job this year as long as they aren’t afraid to start somewhere small then work their way up.  Keep in mind that every artist was once an amateur. The best times to search for work this year are February, April, May and November. The Snake year is famous for study and new aptitudes, therefore the Dragon should seize this opportunity to strengthen their forte by acquiring a new ability as well as some training. The end result could be an accumulation of good finances and money rewards in the way of a bonus at work. That is so long as the Dragon does not slack off, sit back, and let things slide. Dragons should also keep an eye on their finances this year as the Snake year is a very fast paced on and overspending can easily happen.
Dragons can look forward to a good and rewarding year with many new friends coming to them in 2013. This year Dragon should strengthen existing friendships and be mindful not to neglect loved ones when their social circle vastly increases. Dragons already in relationships can anticipate rather good progress in their affiliations. For those Dragons that are still unattached, their enlarged social life could foster a new love this year, though they need to maintain their composure and not rush in to relationships too fast.
Dragons born in 1940 should try to stay as active as possible and be sure to get together with family whenever possible. Dragons born in 1964 should take opportunity whenever it arises but be careful to know the conditions attached.
The Dragon’s lucky sector is the Southeast (112.5º – 127.5º) of the home or office. Nevertheless they need to be wary if a main door, bedroom or office or any other important room is located in the southwest, east, or west in 2013, especially during the months of February, April & August 2013.  It will help in these months to remedy some of the ill effects, particularly if they are not in good health or very stressed, if the Dragon places a golden Wu Lou and set of six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon in these rooms.
Romance can be improved in the northeast, north and southeast of the Dragon’s home although they have to be careful in the southeast. Having a door in the southeast can bring in new opportunities and lots of travel. To enhance Dragon romance and career in 2013 place some dark blue objects in the southeast and the north Introduce these colours with a doormat, rug, cushion cover, sofa throw, curtains or similar material. To dissipate the negative effects in 2013, hang a set of six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon and place a salt water cure in the southwest and centre of your home or office.
It is imperative not to undertake any form of noisy renovations or re-decorative work in the east part of the house or office between February 3rd 2013 and February 3rd 2014. Nor should the Dragon disturb the ground in the east by digging holes, building foundations or conduct any maintenance work with any noisy equipment in this area inside or outside their property or garden. Once disturbed, it can bring three types of misfortunes: financial loss, sickness and arguments. If they have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the east, the Dragon should place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the buildings and the direction where the work is being carried out. It may be of some help.
Apart from not disturbing its ground, there are two other rules to follow: if the Dragon is moving a desk around this year, never place it to sit with their back to the east; it is far better to face towards the east. If the front door of the Dragon’s home or business faces east in 2013 they should place a pair of Fu Dogs just inside looking outwards to act as protective guardians for the year. Also place a golden coloured Pi Yao in the west looking towards the east.
There are also two other directions that the Dragon needs to be wary of. These being the Southeast and Northwest, avoid these at all cost: do not disturb the ground, no renovations, or any noisy activity here. When disturbed this area can, and normally will, cause immediate health problems especially for the elderly or sick; so please be very careful. Suffice it to say if you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the northwest you may place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between your building and the area where the work is being carried out.         Southeast facing properties with front doors to the southeast must be careful not to allow the doors to slam and do not renovate or dig in this part for 2013.
Dragons are in affinity with the Rooster; for enhancement keep a key chain pendant of a Rooster.

Predictions for the Snake in 2013
2013 will be a great year for the Snake and they should start the year off with a fresh, positive attitude! It would be to the Snake’s advantage to forget any prior problems that may have occurred during 2012 and forgive the people for their wrong doings.
The Snake furthers quite a bit in all aspects of life this year. There are plenty of opportunities for success in the workplace during 2013 with the Snakes’ efforts being recognised for their input and hard work. If a Snake native feels as though they have been stifled or stuck in the same job for too long, well, 2013 is a good year to make that move to different departments or a different job. 2013 is also a good year for Snakes to become self-employed, especially if they do so during the months of March, June, July and September.
Snakes seeking work will have a great deal of luck this year with many positions being opened to them although they should still be alert and search rather than wait for something to come to them.
Finances will be good in 2013 for the Snake so long as they are careful with their money and not be too frivolous in their spending. Snakes should be sure to put money in to savings whenever possible and always be sure to check the terms and conditions.
This will be a busy year and whilst all should go well with career and finance the Snake native can easily overlook their partner's needs. They should make sure, therefore, to allocate some time for loved ones whether it is a wife, boyfriend, Mother, Sister or best friend.  Snakes should also reserve some time for themselves and try to relax more, as stress can be an issue this year and the Snake may feel down and depressed at times. Whatever is on the Snake’s mind right now however, it will pass.
Overall, the Snakes year can be very good with many social outings and a great home life. Snakes born in 1941 and 2001 should be open to new possibilities and embrace change with a positive attitude. Snakes born in 1989 will accomplish a lot this year and should try to remain as active as possible.
Snakes are in affinity with the Monkey. For protection have a key chain pendant of a Monkey.

Predictions for the Horse in 2013
For the Horse native the forecast for the 2013 is very similar to last year. Once more it will be a mixed year and all Horses need to be careful throughout 2013. There is one variation however; along with all the downs, there are upsides to 2013 for the Horse.
Horses that have recently changed jobs or are in the process of doing so will benefit from 2013 by becoming quickly settled in their new environment. This also applies for schools. If any Horse is striving to advance in the workplace, they should do so with a calm pace and should not rush in to anything.
Horses seeking a new job or wishing to change their profession should try to do so early on in the year as, even though the Horse is endowed with strong will and persistent character, there will be a lot of competition this year.
Horses need to be very careful with their finances in 2013 as there is a risk of overspending by not checking contracts or filling forms in properly. Therefore they need to be extra careful, double check everything and avoid large purchases unless they are necessary or a good value. This is a year for saving rather than acquiring.
This is a year for caution for Horses; avoid risks both physically and financially. In March, May, October and December, the Horse native will notice their social life increasing and they will enjoy a great number of social events. Even so, the Horse needs to periodically make sure to reserve some time for relaxation with their family at home. The Horse needs to make the most of the good times as there are some months they will need to stay strong and persevere.  They needs to stay focused this year; there is nothing for the Horse to worry about, just be cautious and mindful of all their actions. Horse born in 1942 and 1990 should try to stay as focused as possible during 2013 as their efforts will pay off.
Horses are in affinity with the Sheep/Goat. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Goat.

Predictions for the Goat/ Ram/ Sheep in 2013
2013 will be a year of financial increases for the Sheep but they should still try to save when possible throughout this year. If the Sheep follows this advice and work hard and smart, he or she could accumulate large sums of money.
Work wise, there could be a lot of activity this year. Sheep will find that a project that has previously caused them a lot of stress and taken up a lot of their time will bring out many of their positive qualities to the attention to persons around them. If the Sheep is bent on taking on a new responsibility they should be forewarned that they will need to learn new skills at a fast speed.  This will end up being very beneficial to the Sheep, however, especially if they are given the chance to go on a training course. Sheep will definitely benefit from learning new skills in the Snake year. This could be anything from reading a new book to studying a new talent. 2013 is a great time for using initiative and going ahead with new opportunities.
The Sheep consistently likes to take a lot of pride in their material objects. This year they will have an ample opportunity to add to their collection but they should remember to not make too many impulsive purchases and should not rush into buying something, as it may turn out somewhat disappointing That the new convertible is not the best investment they could make.
Sheep will find themselves meeting a lot of new people in 2013 and they will find that they win a lot of them over with their ability to relate to others. Sheep could build strong friendships including a romantic relationship that could lead to a serious commitment. Single Sheep may see new relationships blooming this year with possibilities of a good future relationship. There is a very strong possibility of marriage for Sheep that have been in a long relationship this year. At home this year, Sheep will have a happy and calm life and will receive a great deal of support from family for their efforts.
If possible, Sheep should take a holiday with a loved one this year. They will benefit from the change of scenery even if they do not go very far. Those born in 1967 should remain alert for opportunities and act on them. Those born in 1979 should keep a close eye on their spending during 2013.
Sheep are in affinity with the Horse. For protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Horse.

Predictions for the Monkey in 2013
The Year of the Snake can be a rewarding time for the Monkey so long as they are prepared to take things slow this year, apply themselves to work in earnest,  plan things out in advance and assess the benefits and risks of all their actions. It sounds daunting but following these steps will reward the Monkey with a very positive year in 2013. The Monkey’s success at work this year chiefly depends on staying focused, avoiding being sidetracked and employing their tenacity by staying with tasks until their completion.
It will be most advantageous for the Monkey to make sure that they are constantly in the know of recent developments, so as to utilize their skill in assuring greater gains and procuring future promotions. Unemployed Monkeys may find themselves in a position where they are struggling to find a job although if they stay determined and keep a positive attitude they could end up in a strong new position in a job especially during April, June, July and September.
Even though finances are very good for the Monkey this year, they still need to be cautious. It is a good idea perhaps to put some money aside in an interest bearing account to assure good returns.
Romance and relationships are very good for single and the committed Monkeys this year. One thing to remember however, the Monkey should not be neglectful and reserve ample quality time with their partner.
Monkey’s may have felt that the last few years had been somewhat difficult, with so many ups and downs but remember “smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”. Monkeys should take heart, for these past experiences have been the building blocks of the person they are today.  
Monkeys born in 1968 should find that swift action is very rewarding this year.
Monkeys are in affinity with the Snake. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Snake.

Predictions for the Rooster in 2013
2013 will be a very positive and pleasing year for The Rooster as an increased social life and new finances await them throughout the year. This is a favorable time for the Rooster to aim for a promotion and advancement in the workplace where great many opportunities will be available. Consider it well, Rooster, and if overwhelmed, consult with a trusted friend or partner for an appropriate guidance. Those already employed should try to maintain close relations with work mates as much as possible. March, April, July and October are the months that could bring a promotion the Rooster.
Though luck is with the Rooster, they still need to take good care of their health for there is a tendency to overwork themselves in 2013. They should reserve some time for well earned respite. Perhaps the Rooster should look into some lifestyle changes, for health always seems much more valuable after it is lost.  Remember also that the well being of an individual depends on the healthy state of the mind as well as the body.  As the mind plays a huge part, Roosters should keep their composure and maintain state of tranquility particularly in moments of stress. They should take up walking, exercise; anything that is different to what they’ve been doing. The Rooster needs to be careful with their diet this year, making sure to eat sensibly and not to neglect the proper amount of physical exercise.  This may also be a good year for the Rooster to learn how to meditate. The Message for the Rooster in 2013 is: “Don’t worry all will be well with that problem”.  
Roosters should also try spending a lot of time with family and friends throughout the year as their busy schedule could cause them to become neglectful.  Those born in 1945 should be very careful when making large purchases and always be sure to check the small print this year.
Roosters are in affinity with the Dragon. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Dragon.

Predictions for the Dog in 2013
The year of the Snake has great prospects for the Dog and can be a very good year. With regards to wealth, business and career, 2013 can be a year where which Dogs reap the benefits of seeds they’ve sown over the previous few years.  So make the most of this year as the wind is behind the Dog native with regards to wealth. They must not think, however, that they can now just sit back and let the good times happen, for hard work is still required of the Dog.
Dog should avoid risky investments however, and definitely avoid lending money to anyone. A good advice for the Dogs this year is for them to take it easy and look before they leap, especially with large purchases.
On the other hand the Dog should be more chartable and make some donations to a good cause for good gestures and deeds will not go unrewarded.
Single or unattached Dogs can expect new relationships on the horizon or the rekindling of an existing one. Dogs need to be careful in relationships, however, especially if they are married.  They should spend more time with their spouse, as the potential success of the year could cause them to be negligent with the people that are most important to them; with disastrous results.
Work may be over stressful and Dogs need to take extra care with their health by eating sensibly and getting plenty of exercise.  Avoid the easy options and take-out food, particularly on those late nights, when mired in a heavy workload.  The Dog must watch what they eat and if their lifestyle is quick TV dinners, they must allow for this and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Dogs are in affinity with the Rabbit. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Rabbit.

Predictions for Boar/Pig in 2013
Some websites or books are predicting that 2013 would be a very bad and unfortunate year for the Pig, but this is not necessarily so. Of course there will be some things the Pig needs to be forewarned of:  for instance, the amount of work Pig puts in at work will not be proportional to the results they will get, so they need to  think things through before they go ahead with them. Furthermore, if the Pig keeps a positive attitude and puts in that extra effort into their work they could make 2013 a much more pleasant year.
Pigs need to be careful with their finances this year, especially towards the middle of the year. The secret for all Pigs this year is “money will come in”, but they will have to make sure they can keep hold of it. They may find the year brings a few challenges but they will overcome them and the problems they had in 2012 will be resolved even though new problems may take their place. Then the Pig will look at the year in November 2013 and say, “it really wasn’t that bad”. They must also, remember to say “thank you”; these are two small words but have such a big impact on people’s lives.
During the summer months, Pigs must exercise caution and avoid taking too many risks such as extreme sports or dangerous activities. The Pig’s health will be average throughout 2013, although they could suffer from minor illnesses or accidents. That is why Pig is being forewarned to avoid dangerous sports and activities. Do take extra care with health by eating sensibly and getting plenty of sedate exercise. Watch the diet and if quick TV dinners or takeout cannot be avoided, incorporate a good dose of fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. Another thing to remember is that Pigs should moderate their intake of alcohol and avoid excessive gambling. A glass of wine or two with their dinner shouldn’t hurt!
The Pig’s romantic life will have its setbacks if they are looking for long term relationships; they will go on many dates but will find it difficult to develop a strong bond with a partner. Arguments will take place with married couples this year so try and keep peace around the home.
Pigs are in affinity with the Tiger. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Tiger.

Good luck to you all.